Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Seriously contemplating the view from Astoria!
I hope you're ready for some amazing stories I don't even know where to begin.  I'll tell you some of these stories in embellished but true fashion after I tell you we are having a Halloween get together with the ZONE for some glow in the dark volleyball & hot chocolate hang out.  I bought a bright orange pumpkin flavored shirt today for our all day p day Halloween festivities!  The Vancouver mission is the greatest place to be. #1 miracle: I don't know if I shared the subway story before... but let me share with you a little amazing miracle because it has a second half to the story.  Okay, we were getting a sub at Sub Way for the first time in about 6 months... and the guy who crafted our sub is named Jesus.  We looked down at our tags and said, "Hey, we have the same name on our tag!" And we laughed while he made us a delicious turkey breast on whole grain flat bread.  By the end of his sandwich crafting he needed to asked us a question!  Pointing to a tattoo on his arm he said, "My Mom said I am going to Hell for this what do you think?". We told him to meet up with us sometime & that we would teach him all about it.  Upon meeting up with him we could tell something was special with this young man and we referred him over to the YSA elders and now he is going to be baptized.  Sometimes you just gotta open your mouth & that's all you really have to do. #2 heck yeah miracle: A few weeks ago we felt impressed to visit a less active member of the ward named Brother Hill.  We went to his complex and since we didn't have an apartment number we just knocked the whole complex.  Well, only one person seemed slightly interested.  She said, "Come back tomorrow @ 5."  We did trust that!  She was not home... sorrowing, we went on with the week.  Just the other day all of our lessons cancelled for the day.  All 4 of them fell through, so we figured there must be something important for us to do instead.  We searched and searched until we felt prompted to go to the same house. The same lady answered and she said, "Okay boys come back tomorrow". Hmmmm... We showed some faith and went back the next day!  She said, "Okay boys two things 1) I wanna know about the second coming.  2) I wanna be baptized". HAHAHAHAHA NO JOKE!  How cool is that?! You just walk around and good stuff happens.  HOW DID WE GET SO LUCKY?  Miracle #3 this is a really good one:  There is a member of the ward that specializes in "being a gentleman"  whenever we are in need of tips to be more gentleman like we send him a text and I am learning each day how to become more like a true man.  Perhaps, even a man of the priesthood.  Also, our church attendance rallying the troops before church is working.  Every Sunday we go to visit our teaching pool and invite/urge people to attend the sabbath meetings with us.  These past two Sundays our prayers have been answered after working with a less active member for 5 or 6 months now he has been attending church.  Another less active came to the Halloween trunk or treat and it was the first time for him being in the chapel in probably a year.  He took some time to follow a prompting and sit in the chapel, and while he did for 20 minutes he was told by the spirit to start coming to church every week.  I don't know how to explain the goodness of God.  I seriously hope you all have a great week and I hope you all find some cool miracles this week because they are all around us.

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