Monday, October 10, 2016

Cheers @ Church

New missionary luncheon October 2016.

WHAT A good week in Vancouver not even kidding.  Some real miracles occurred during church this week & some real opposition is happening with those we teach.  Learned some lessons, shaved with a bar of soap, drank some purple dragon drink, ate some jambalaya, felt the spirit and was overall just happy this week.  Let me see if I can relate some of the recent events. Okay miracle #1:  Yesterday morning we woke up to receive two texts saying "sorry I can't come to church today I'm not feeling good". This dampened our spirits a little... we felt rambunctious enough though, to visit both of these people that decided not to attend church, on hopes we could persuade them to come.  While visiting the second man with no success in getting him to come, his neighbor walked in the door & began listening to us.  We started teaching his neighbor a month ago, but the day before he said he would no longer like to meet with us...  with the spirit of feeling rambunctious we just asked him if he would want to come to church with us. And much to our surprise he said, "yep, let me go get ready". We were an hour early but we didn't want to leave & give him a chance to have something come in the way of getting to church.  We took him an hour early and hung out with him in the lobby until church started.  It was great.  During church kids ran amuck! About 3 kids fell off the seats on the ground and a lady wanted to bear her testimony but she was in a wheelchair and no ramp lead to the pulpit.  They rigged up a microphone, but the cord made sounds like a herd of elephants during three people's testimonies.  It was a priceless testimony meeting,  but the man we brought to church said, "I love kids.  This is perfect". God knows His children :). This man decided to meet with us again and work towards baptism.  You go figure out the odds of him walking in right as we showed up on Sunday morning!  Okay next story:  Let me tell you how great the members are out here in Vancouver.  One member figures out my Dad is from Louisiana and the member makes a homemade Louisiana dish!  Got some jambalaya for dinner and I couldn't have been happier.  The church is true my friends the church is true.  Short story but it's like home away from home.  (Still wasn't as good as yours Dad)  Okay next cool story: Alright we found a family through doing service.  We literally went out for the day and the first house we knocked on was a family that needed help moving stuff.  They looked at us and said to each other "thank the heavens these guys have a truck".  Yes, we have a truck. We helped them that day and a couple days later we came back to move a large basketball standard which was quite heavy.  The stars aligned and they invited us over to figure out why we do what we do.  Why a couple loonies in white shirts would stop in the rain to help a family move a basketball standard across town?  We came back and taught the whole family about Joseph Smith and the kids asked us the question, "do you guys ever go to sleep?" & "are you two dating?"  It was so crazy.  The spirit was tangible.  I tried to grasp it. Greatest week of my life until next week.  Have a good one inhabitants of the earth. P.S.: I asked a sister missionary to take a candid picture of Elder Iler & I looking important in front of the mission president’s wife. What do you think?

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