Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference Galore

McLoughlin Ward Zone - October 2016

Yeah, it’s been another really great week.  We experienced a few miracles.  We experienced some pumpkin spice and some general conference galore.  Elder Iler & I just seemed to be exceedingly blessed withersoever we go.  I drank at least one cup of hot chocolate with pumpkin spice flavoring every day this week.  I also purchased pumpkin spice cheerios from the store to enhance my fall enjoyment even more.  

ALRIGHT LET ME HIT YA WITH A COOL MIRACLE:  We gathered as a zone to watch conference this weekend at a member’s home.  The members slaved making us breakfast prior to the start of general conference.  We chowed our grub and watched the servants of the Lord teach us true doctrine coupled with holy angelic music periodically.  When the conference was over we were tasked with the job of taking chairs and tables back to the stake center for this wonderful family.  After we finished carrying the tables into the primary room a lady walked up to us and asked, "Is your pastor here today?"  We realized because of conference weekend the church doors are unlocked for everyone to come watch.  We told her about the church and she told us her story.  She walked an hour to get to the building and needed help!  We hooked her up with the number for the executive secretary’s number to schedule a meeting with the bishop and gave her our number too.  She actually called us back that same night!  (that has only happened a handful of times out here)  We showed up to the stake center for literally 5 minutes and she showed up from an hour walk within those 5 minutes.  She told us she would like to "have a bible study with us" !

Alright let me hit ya with another one:   Remember the miracle last week with the prompting we neglected to follow, and then eventually followed it back out to meet this young fella that is a member of the church?  Well, we met with him this week and taught him!  We talked all about the gospel and then later in the week he took us out to Red Robin!  He said our meeting finally brought some closure to him and now the next step is going to a church meeting on Sunday.  He will be leaving back to his station this week but when he comes back in December he said he would look us up and take us out to lunch again.  This is the real deal we just had a prompting to talk to him and then suddenly he is coming back to church.  

ALRIGHT, THE COOLEST IS YET TO COME.: I’ll conclude with this one... Every month this McLoughlin Ward puts on a temple trip to the visitors center for anyone that would like to come check out the spiritual vibes flowing from the Lord’s house.  We worked our butts off trying to find people to come and trying to find rides.  We suck at coordinating rides by the way.. (21 year old kids just don’t understand busy adult schedules).  ANYWAY, we finally figured out a ride for our investigator, Shar to come.  We rode down with her and another member of the ward.  We arrived at the temple and the sister missionaries took us on a little tour around the temple to soak in the good vibes.  While discussing the importance of the sealing room, Shar had one of those looks that said "I’M THINKING REAL DEEP ABOUT SOMETHING YOU JUST SAID" so, we asked her what the heck was on her mind.  She told us a story about her mom and the things her mom said to her just before she past away.  Shar has been worried about her ever since she died.  She wasn’t sure what would happen to her in the afterlife.  She began crying as she told us the feeling she got hearing about the sealing room gave her peace.  Shar committed that day to coming to the temple and performing temple work for her mother as soon as possible.  

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