Monday, September 26, 2016

Hollywood's Latest and Greatest

Enjoying the view in Astoria.

Enjoying the graffiti in Portland!

WHAT A GREAT WEEK!  NEVER been so busy in all my life & never been so happy.  Let me relate some of the weekly beef / meat locker for you to chow on this upcoming week.  Went on a few exchanges a few hours away one of them being in an old area.  Acted out a skit in primary this week all the while finding some precious / elect souls to make the day brighter.  I am keeping my promises to drink less diet soda ( for the most part ) and Elder Iler gets my Lord of the Rings references.  I just want to witness to everyone reading this email that there is a God, there is a Jesus Christ & all of this is real.  He cares & if you want to make your life better try the gospel on for size.  I would be in deep trouble if I denied any of these truths after the experiences of doing what I do now.  I'm serious.  Miracles happen every day.  The same miracles that happened in all those legends you read about in the Bible or other sources.  Okay #1 story for the week. Went to Astoria this week for an overnight exchange with a couple other Elders.  Astoria is about two hours away from where we live and we enjoyed the road trip.  This was my first time seeing the great coastal city of Astoria in all its glory.  You would think you just arrived in downtown San Fransisco or something upon driving into Astoria.  Soon after we arrived we threw on some service clothes to help a soul in need of some trash-taking-to-the-dump.  No joke we showed up at this house and probably a years worth of old trash sat in the garage.  Spiders the size of Mt Krumpit were climbing out of the bags.  This was a great testimony to me I was serving where I needed to be.  Not soon after seeing / smelling the first gross-ness I was quickly reminded of my prior experience as a janitor at a junior high school.  I threw on some gloves & went ham on those bags of trash.  The other missionaries looked at me like I was an endangered species.  The lady for whom we did service came outside crying tears of joy because she could not take all this rubbish to the dump herself & has been very stressed about the whole situation for a while now.  You know that good feeling when you do service for someone else?  OKAY #2 story for the week.  Happened while I was on exchanges down in Portland in the old Springwater YSA ward.  I happened to be on exchanges with two of my former companions as well :)  which was quite a treat itself.  Elder Johansen & Elder Sander-Smith currently reside in the Springwater YSA congregation watching over the saints in the metro-Portland area.  Elder Johansen my very own son went with me after dinner to a cool lesson.  Upon entering we were graciously given a slice of pumpkin pie accompanied by a tall glass of ginger ale (non alcoholic okay?)  and Elder Johansen told me this young lady was quite difficult to teach.  She apparently closes up when spirituality comes up.  This lesson however was different.  We asked a few questions and she started to open up!  elder Johansen was listening to the spirit like a champion and pulled out a mormon message and the tears came streaming down.  The Holy Ghost was so present in the lesson I may or may not have attempted to snatch it out of the air and keep it for my own using.  The tears were streaming and I remembered a talk I had "RANDOMLY" read earlier in the week.  Well, here comes more tears & more spirit.  You could tell years of guilt had built up for this precious young lady.  Soon to be removed!!!  Elder Johansen & I downed that ginger ale after a victorious lesson.  The feeling is better than anything else!  OKAY #3 miracle number 3 behind door # 3.  Just last night we were on our way to a lesson & a man pulled up to the house down the street but we were a little late for our lesson!  We ignored the prompting to talk to this man.. At any rate, we had a good lesson with the man we originally showed up for and upon leaving the lesson the same man was outside his house down the street.  We followed the prompting this time and walked down to meet these two young fellas.  One of them yelled, "Hey ELDERS!"  YEAH... he knew us.  He was a member.  He was a member inactive for the past few years and wanted to sit down and talk with us about what happened to make him go inactive.  How cool is that?  How amazing is that? 

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