Monday, September 19, 2016

Sweet Spirits in the Shire

Zone Conference Feasting

What a good week as usual.  Went on exchanges back to Fisher's Landing for a day, acquired some contacts, finished zone conferences, gave a special blessing, met some people tweaking and a had a lil Diet Pepsi.  I'll tell you this much "LIFE IS GOOD". You will be excited to hear the miracle back in Fisher’s Landing.  You will also be happy to know we found a fake dollar bill featuring Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton on the front.  On the back of the bill you would find an Apple logo & Disney logo too!  Okay coolest miracle: On an exchange back to Fisher’s Landing I received a text from one of the best families in Vancouver.  Sister Baggins (names have been changed due to privacy stuff) wanted the elders now serving in Fisher’s Landing to come over later in the week for a meeting.  Little did she know I was there for the day and I replied, "HEY, IT’S ELDER KING". She then asked if we could come over for a visit / blessing that very afternoon.  Post-dinner was the time selected for us to embark and we travelled toward the Baggins home only to realize... we would need another male present to enter her home.  We both had this feeling in our hearts that things would probably just work out if we just walked up and knocked on her door.  God would probably help us figure this out.  No joke, right as she opened the door a young man walked up the stairs.  She asked the young fella if he had a few minutes to spare and he did!  He came inside so we could give a blessing and it was one of the coolest blessings I have ever experienced.  It was Sister Baggins first blessing in a few years.   Alright, alright next story: Yesterday we lined up three people to come to sacrament & all three cancelled within 30 minutes of church starting... needless to say I felt like my BUBBLE WAS A BURST.  However, later in the day we were asked to teach priests quorum right on the spot.  Teach those young 16 year olds how to become MEN!  There was just something about our discussion and lesson that made me forget everything that could ever go wrong in my life.  Must be the spirit?  During our lesson they just asked questions about serving a mission & I prayed for help understanding how to reply.  When I did, sweet spiritual promptings came to my mind that even taught me.  I guess that's how you know when you're speaking with the spirit, when you're learning yourself as you speak!  Okay next stor : I drove all the way to Gresham without seeing one marijuana shop. That’s a miracle in itself.  Final story:  Let me tell you how great it is when your investigators have a desire to progress. A lady we are teaching has been struggling with the WOW (word of wisdom) & we have been trying to help her quit smoking.  I really have no idea how to help someone quit smoking, but that's the beauty of it all.  She has gone from 60 cigarettes a day to only 5.  She said, "I have no idea why I am quitting but I just know I need to".  That's the beauty of the gospel.  We just show up and teach the best way we know how, and God changes the heart.  Her name is Shar and she is working to be baptized next month.  She buys Diet Pepsi for me every lesson & Vanilla Coke for my companion.  She actually gets a little anxious in our lessons unless we teach her deep doctrine.  She has gone from a smoke factory to recognizing she is a Child of God and need not continue making the same mistakes over and over.  Workkkkkk is good. 

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