Monday, September 5, 2016

Weekly Meat

Dinner with a little friend.

I think this week I'll just send a few brief sentences concerning the joys of my labors & attach a few photos for viewing the joy.  I just wanna go play some basketball to be honest. It was a week to remember. Like Bilbos 111th birthday.  Okay EVENT #1 - on Saturday we had a magical exchange with the Longview Elders.  It was good to smell the smell of paper factory again and see the good folk of Longview again.  We first helped a family move & you will see a picture below of our labors turned black and white.  NEXT!  One of the precious souls that was baptized when I served in Longview decided to have a meeting with the Elders serving there now the very day I showed up.  What a joyous meeting again to see someone still excited to live the gospel.   EVENT #2 - we went to visit our main man Todd who has no phone.  Because of the no phone situation we have to stop by quite often to keep the connection going.  We stopped by the other evening and as we crawled alongside the walls of his apartment complex (because of the torrential downfall of heavenly rain) a man walked up to us and said he "wanted to be spiritually fed". Well, we cooked up a sermon.  He was invited to be baptized and accepted a date for October!  He came with us about 30 minutes later to the ward BBQ social where he told us he needs a religion he can focus in on.  He told us he believed the Joseph smith story the minute he heard it.  Life is good.  Okay EVENT #3 - Just today we were at Walmart and a man tapped on my shoulder to talk to me.  It was a family I taught back in Longview again!  They had since moved to Seattle and now back down to Vancouver.  He said he needed some help and saw my blonde hair from across Walmart. What are the odds we show up at the same time at Walmart on the same day?  Vancouver has a plethora of walley worlds. How cool. Okay EVENT #4 -  This week was just really great we took pictures with all the missionaries in our ward posing up by our cars.  We have three sets in one ward.  It rained this week all week and the weather was cool.  We had a couple meetings with missionaries and one of our investigators came to church for a great fast and testimony meeting with no mention about the Seahawks except from me telling the crowd the Patriots were better than the Seahawks.  Sorry for the less than descriptive cap of the week but enjoy the photos. The last one is what you have to do when you can't have children sit on your lap as a missionary.  THOSE CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS can squeeze right next to you during dinner. (Hopefully that doesn't sound creepy) not intended.

A motley moving crew in Longview.

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