Monday, August 29, 2016


My lineage (my trainer, me and all those we have trained).

It's been one of the best weeks of my entire life.  Probably not just  my mission,  but my life.  Elder Iler is the greatest companion & we are in the greatest area.  You may ask why the greatest area? Why the greatest companion?  Let me relate to you the events that unfolded this past week.  1st miracle:  Kinda scary but cool.  We sent the missionaries off going home this transfer and welcomed 25 new missionaries to the mission in their stead.  On the departing day we went with 4 missionaries to the airport for a 10:30am flight.  For some reason, this meant we must get up at 5:45 am. Who's that early anyway? We got up at 5:45 and met up at the mission home to carpool down together & I took a separate car than my companion.  He rode with another missionary to the airport and our mission president took the two sister missionaries down to the airport.  Did I know how to get to the airport? No.  Did I have a phone? No.  Did I have prayer? Yes.  This driving arrangement was the only way we could have sufficient cars for the incoming missionaries, so they sent me off in the Nissan Rogue with a GPS and not much else.  Everyone took a different route than me...because I was just following a GPS.  At this point I am lost... Not knowing which route to take to avoid traffic and when I get to the airport I have no phone.  HOWEVER I did say a prayer.  I was prompted to take a different route and I actually arrived just in time.  Next problem... No idea where everyone would be in the airport.   Prayer comes in the clutch AGAIN.  I felt that I should just follow the sign that says "terminal" and after wandering aimlessly in the airport,  President McAteer was waving me down and giving me a big hug. Honestly, what a cool miracle. Some divine intervention to avoid traffic skirmishes and successfully navigate through the Portland airport.  2nd miracle:  I am almost sure that only 10 people didn't want to talk to us this week.  YES everyone else held a full conversation with us.  It felt like a dream.  We were able to talk to some of the very elect.  For instance, we had three appointments fall through on Saturday afternoon & so we went to town as a backup plan.  None of the souls we were looking for were actually home, but at 4:00 pm we saw a door that was open and inside was someone writing in a classic Walmart composition notebook.  He looked ripened for the gospel.  We approached him and he said, "Let's talk". He brought out a couple of chairs for us to sit on and talk in the parking lot about the gospel.  He went from saying, "I'm Irish Catholic". To saying, "I'm open to the message you shared.  I will read some of the BOM right after you leave".  Elder Iler and I found a new investigator at 3 doors that we found already opened as we walked and talked this week.  ROUND THREE TRES LECHES:  In our new apartment we have two full size bathrooms.  I have been getting ready in my own bathroom since I arrived here last week.  That ITSELF IS THE GREATEST MIRACLE.  Each shave has been excellent.  Spiritually speaking, we taught Shar this week.  Shar is an incredible lady who knows her religious theology.  She knows the bible QUITE WELL.  We taught her a little more about the BOM and she said she would like to get baptized ASAP.  She said she has been studying  the commandments and knows what she needs to do.  We handed her the dvd movie of the restoration and she felt the spirit just holding that great film.  As we told her about the persecution Joseph Smith went through, she felt in her heart it must be true.  She accepted a baptismal date and we now have 5 investigators working towards baptism here in the McLoughlin Ward.  Life is good.  The church is true and as my companion says "let the chips fall where they may". Things will always work out. 

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