Monday, August 8, 2016

Poolside Preaching

Elders teaching & eating poolside.

What a good week it's been.  Fisher’s Landing has everything and more when it comes to missionary work.  I'll see if I can justly relay the events of the week without dumbing down the celestiality of the nature thereof.  We taught a lesson at a pool this week.  We invited someone to baptism and we are now going on a hike.  All-the-while Elder Reinwand & I attempted to push each other’s buttons to the point of frustration.  I'll admit, he got me a few times but the church is still true.  Cool event # 1:  We have been meeting with a wonderful family that we met walking around some apartments.  The father of this family was baptized as a young lad and drifted away from the church shortly after.  We found him in the middle of our favorite apartment complex walking his dog.  After a short conversation we got his address to stop by sometime later in the week.  HOWEVER, WE FORGOT THE APARTMENT NUMBER BY THE TIME WE GOT HOME THAT EVENING.  We stink, I know.  Some fervent prayers followed for the next month until "randomly" his records were sent into the ward by an unknown source :). Before you know it we were at his door and set up some lessons.  He came to church within two weeks and we began teaching his daughter who "wanted to be baptized ever since she saw someone be baptized". She is now on date to enter the waters on September 10th.  Both of them came to church yesterday.  LIFE IS pretty good as a missionary.  Cool event #2:  A really special family near and dear to my heart fed us this week prior to our lesson.  We have been teaching this wonderful family because of an inspired priest in our ward.  While we were on splits with this young man about a month ago, he felt that we should drop by this special family whom my companion & I had never met before.  We soon realized they have a young man out on a mission & he is serving with one of my childhood friends.  They fed us this week and we forgot to mention we cannot have dinner with only two women in the home.... We showed up, smelt the salmon & were NOT going to pass up this dinner. We brainstormed and decided to bring all the food down to the pool where we are out in the public.  We faced the opposite direction while the other two looked at the pool & we dined on salmon in the cool evening.  This family is MAKING HUGE strides & I feel like they remind me of my folks back home.  Cool event #3:   We go to bed at 10:30, or at least try the hardest we can to.  Yesterday at exactly 10:30, we got a text from someone in our ward asking us if we could teach her friend the following day at 4. Do you REALIZE THE SIGNIFICANCE?!  We work all day for two years and then someone in the ward just texts us with someone to teach?  Living with a member is hard because we yell aloud when things like this happen.  I'm sure he doesn't mind.

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