Monday, August 22, 2016

Family Reunion

The newest A.P. in the WVM.  (Better take it easy with the ladies!)

Let's just get right to it, this week was killer.  I got transferred!  I am already in my new area and will be serving in central Vancouver as an A.P.  Yesterday night I was picked up to come to my new area.  My new companion is Elder Iler and he is tall, likes sun glasses and knows Lord of the Rings.  Things will be alright.  The new ward I am in is the McLoughlin Ward. 3 sets of missionaries serve in the ward.  I am excited, and very overwhelmed with the responsibility.  Another week of miracles.  MIRACLE  1: This is the greatest of all time.  We met a woman walking around some apartments and she said, "you could be my grandson".  I began asking her if she had grandchildren the same age and she said, "No, I mean you are my actual grandson.  How old are you & were you adopted?"  This was odd to say the least. I told her I was not adopted and then she said, "You have gotten a lot older since I last saw you."  I have  definitely never seen her before.  Okay, after this she stared at my companion for a good 5 seconds and then embraced him.  We're talking a good 5 second hug (which I probably shouldn't have allowed), but this scene was too bizarre for us to grasp.  She then told us early in her life the doctor stole her own baby and my companion was identified as her actual son.  At this point I wasn't sure what to say, so I started teaching her about the Holy Ghost, and she quickly avoided that conversation and shook our hands in delight because she finally found her long- lost family.  I am 100% positive we are not actual family nonetheless we went with it and decided to just agree that we are all children of God and enjoy the moment.  Honestly, couldn't stop laughing for days after.  MIRACLE 2:  We took a priest out with us this week and had two appointments set up to teach with the priest.  Both cancelled and it was 99 degrees outside.  Not the best weather for door knocking with a 16 year old kid, especially when his Dad is the bishop.  We brainstormed to decide whom we wanted to visit and we both came up with the same person.  We went to visit this less active priest in the ward and after we knocked we realized the whole family was gone.  Currently staying at the house as a house sitter.  We invited ourselves in and taught him the restoration.  This elect child of God had read the whole BOM prior to us showing up.  He was delighted to hear the kingdom of God could be back on the earth.  What are the chances? This guy originally lives in Portland and usually works all day.  He said he would begin reading again and praying to know if he should be baptized.  Wow.  What luck!  Miracle 3:  We were walking around the apartments and saw a young fella throwing some trash from his garage into his car.  We began talking to him about his upbringing and his negative views on God.  This was no problem because the spirit was rather strong as we talked to him and we both knew it.  After 5 minutes or so he told us his mom is a member of our church and she happens to be someone we have been trying  to contact for the last 6 months or so, maybe even longer.   No answers.  However, this young man felt bad for us in the heat, and went to purchase us some hydrating beverages at the local gas station and said “ be back here in ten minutes.”  We came back, taught him about prophets and set up a return appointment to be in the home of this wonderful family that needs to come back to church.  SIMPLY walking around the apartments and something this cool happened & we even got some cool beverages.

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