Monday, September 12, 2016

McLoughlin is $$

MTC gang - then...
MTC gang - now!

Been one of the greatest weeks of my life so far.  Got my eyes dilated, had zone conferences and invited another precious soul to enter the waters of baptism.  McLoughlin is $$ in the bank with three sets of missionaries serving here.  Our chapel was chock full for the first time in a long time and we had to open the overflow section.  I met a member of our ward that loves the Patriots and we stand against most of the state of Washington in opposition to all the Seahawks love birds around here.  Life is good and I shall relate to you some of the many miracles / stories of the week.

MIRACLE/STORY #1 - We taught a fella named Ricky this week about the Plan of Salvation.  The setting was right next to his rap studio all the while his cousins made mix tapes and beats to accompany the spiritual doctrine.  SOMEHOW, Ricky really felt the spirit touch his heart.  He felt the desire to accept a baptismal date for OCTOBER 22nd.  As we were teaching him the doctrine of the spirit world accompanied by krunk juice & cash money tunes a big smile came on his face.  He said he felt the spirit.  This lesson occurred when I was on exchanges with another elder named Braden which was a great miracle itself.  

Miracle / STORY BEHIND DOOR # 2 - Monday night was a maniac.  We had only 30 minutes to actually proselyte.  We both felt real prompted to visit a young fella in our teaching pool to share some thoughts with him.  GUESS who was home and had beeen thinking about us that day?  Yes, this very same man.  We both thought to ourselves, "how blessed could we be?"  The minute we hit the streets for the night the man behind door #2 was home.  

MIRACLE /STORY # TRES LECHES - I had an eye appointment this week to finally get these blasted glasses off my face which they fall off everytime I bow my head to say a prayer which is quite often out here.  They dilated my eyes and both of them looked like a black hole.  I was driving for the day and I was told to wear sunglasses... well, I wear normal glasses so how would that work?  Fear not, the eye doctor has it covered with some slick eyebrow slip on shades.  I drove around and walked around all day with the glasses slip you will see attached in a photo below.  Only approximately 8 comments were made of the size of my eyebrows that day.  I suppose it made for a good conversation starter.  

We also had some great zone conferences this week where I got to see a couple of the elders I first left from the MTC with.  Ill send the photo of the first week of the mission with them and the photo of us now.  My companion Elder Iler & I get along a little too well.  We have been making fun of Pitbull & the band Nickelback ever since we met.  This week we made noises from a droid on Star Wars consistently in the car.  Life is good.  When your in sync with your companion the spirit seems to flow like a raging river.  We did some service for a lady in our area that works for the HAA (Haunters Association of America) We helped her set up her haunt for the upcoming October festivities and she fed us Pepsi + 7 layer dip.  Life couldnt really be better.  

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