Monday, October 24, 2016

Take Me To Church

Elder King and Elder Iler at Fort Vancouver October 2016.

CHECK IT OUT:  You wouldn't believe it.  Greatest day of my life this past Sunday.  Our flocklings came to church!  Our investigator and less actives came to church!  The heavens have opened the church is true.  Persistence pays off after weeks of badgering these people like a telemarketer to come to church.  I suppose my prior employment helps with this telemarketer badgering technique.  It was a great week as are most weeks.  We went to Longview (40 minutes north) to work for a day and we went to Portland (40 minutes south) to work for a day as well.  I visited two of my offspring!  Two of my very own trainees here in the Vancouver mission.  Elder Briggs & Elder Johansen have made it past the teen years.  Just warms my heart to see my “children” making righteous decisions.  Let me see if I can embellish some stories for you:
While on exchanges down in Portland we stopped by a few potential investigators before we attended a baptism.  The first potential investigator we stopped by was actually taught by me almost a year ago when I served in the same ward as Elder Johansen.  Elder Johansen had no idea ;).  After that inspired visit we went in search of the elect.  The first... & only person we talked to the whole day actually wanted to hear about the Book of Mormon.  God knew the rest of the day we would probably be busy teaching.  While walking down a street that looked like a scene from a movie with autumn leaves falling and a high school football game in the background we beckoned for a YSA aged young lady to come hear us out.  Lo & behold, we didn’t scare her away.  Little miracles you just can't help but be grateful for.  
On Thursday this week our investigator Lucas decided he wanted to feed us.  We texted him the night before and asked if his schedule still permitted us to be fed by him around 5:30 & he said, "I prayed for a few hours last night and got a confirmation that I need to be a better person by following this path.  As for dinner, of course!  Steak & shrimp for my two best buds."  Keep in mind this guy was found by knocking on doors in the middle of Vancouver.  The steak and shrimp was some of the best.  We texted Lucas Sunday morning to see if he was planning on church and he said, "Of course.  Why are you doubting?  You're acting like Peter."  He showed up in his Sunday best and asked how soon he could be passing the sacrament.  Do you see why my job is the best job?  Pretty much had no time to think this week.  Worked, worked and worked some more.  We lined up a ride for a less active member of the ward and our ride bailed at the last minute. We had recruited a family the day before to give a ride to a different less active, and we decided to call them ten minutes before church.  If someone called me ten minutes before church started & I was halfway to the church already with someone I didn't even know and then these people told me they wanted me to turn around and go get someone else & be late to church... well, I just don’t know if my heart would be big enough.  BUT, THE COOL THING IS... we have members in Vancouver with large hearts.  These blessed members didn't even hesitate.  They turned right around and picked up our friend.  Thank you good members of the church all around the world.  If I could pay you a money sum for your service I would, but that would make us a paid ministry and we just aren't all about that.  Great week, great times, who could complain living the life I do.  Picture from Sunday after church with the whole district in one ward.  Heck yeah. 
Our mission district all in one ward.

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