Monday, October 17, 2016

Sunday Frappe

October 2016 departing missionaries!

#1 Sunday frappe and chill:  We lined up 5 investigators to come to church.  WHAT A DAY!  Opposition up the yakker today.  We lined up Todd, Thomas, James, Shar & Lucas for church.  Todd said he just didn't want to go.  Thomas may or may not have developed swine flu (he sounded like he was coughing up a hair ball), James didn't have jeans that were clean?, Lucas had his kids over, Shar came for the first 5 minutes of church and then told us she decided not to eat breakfast that morning which means her blood sugar is dangerously low and she needed a frappe from Mcdonald’s immediately.  Well, here's the issue, it was during the administration of the sacrament.  Who can come out to help?!  Sister Susannah Jackman walks in the doors right as we throw up a mighty Hail Mary prayer.  She is a LA... one that we are working with.  One that is down to earth enough to laugh about this.  She gladly says she will take Shar to McDonald's to get a frappe and then back to her house.  On the way to her house Shar pulls over to yik-yak vomit all over the road.  We eventually got her home and back to sacrament.  It was 1:55 by this time and we caught the closing hymn & prayer.  I guess it's cool because you get blessed by your faithfulness not your results.   When we talked to Susannah after, she was sure this would probably not be the only time she took someone home from church and grabbed a frappe on the way home!  #2:  The priests quorum have a counselor leaning on the edge of LA / Active member for most of his life.... he is about 60 years old.  The priests quorum bought him a large size set of scriptures in the triple comb, because apparently he has trouble with his vision. They all signed their testimonies in it.  Seriously wrecked my heart when they gave it to him.  He left the room WEEPING. Not just saying thank you but weeping like a child.  It was precious.  It was a reaction of pure gratitude for a set of scriptures.  Makes you really reassess what you are grateful for.  This old guy probably just thought he had a calling (or he felt everyone else thought) just to keep him active.  But it's moments like that when I realize he has that calling to keep OTHERS active.  #3: Alright, I might have to embellish this one just a little bit because you had to be there.  I was on exchanges with a missionary in Vancouver north and we felt inspired to have some fun.  I pretty much always feel inspired to do that.  Anyway... we decided we were going to find a family with 3 or 4 kids on this street that needed to be baptized.  The first door we knocked on was an old man that, "HATES religion and doesn't think any muslims should live". Definitely not him... but we asked him if he knew of any new families that have moved in recently and he says, "a new family with 3 or 4 little ones moved in just down the street". ALRIGHT WHAT ARE THE ODDS?  They didn't answer but Elder Thompson said he would be going back every day for a week just to see what happens.  Kinda cool. Huh?  

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