Monday, November 7, 2016

Up At Dawn With the Roosters

Check out the cyborg eye!
My goodness you ready for this week’s goodness?  I've got the weekly roast for you right here.  My pupil is the size of a grape right now, my hair looks great & a few mighty miracles have been wrought in the land this week.  Tune in.  #1 check this out:  I went down to Gresham on an exchange this week and Elder Gosar & I were feeling a little bit adventurous so we set a goal to find a man with a mustache that wanted to hear about the Plan of Salvation.  No joke... we looked high and low for this man.  Unfortunately, we did not find him.  But, we worked our butts off and taught a bunch of lessons trying to find him.  Then, I get a text the day after from Elder Gosar that you can read at the bottom.  I took a picture of it because it was priceless.  I think our goal we set just made us work our butts off to try and find a miracle and that's what Heavenly Father wanted.  #2:  you ready for a little late night miracle?  Elder Iler & I had some cancellations on Thursday this week and we hit the streets to find a little something something / someone to bless.  We knocked and knocked until it was 8:58.. 8:59... just about 9 o'clock and we knocked one more door just before we got to our car.  The apartment manager opened up and she told us to stop knocking doors in the complex, especially that late.  Well, she wasn't getting away that easy.  We started teaching her and by the end of the conversation she asked if there was a place where, "young single adults could meet". That is something we surely have to offer.  Pretty soon she took a BOM and will be meeting with the young single adult missionaries. #3: my pupil is the size of a grape still today.  While teaching a lesson this week, an eyelash broke off & assaulted my contact.  I took a jog to the bathroom and the kind people we were teaching offered me some soothing eye drops.  I threw about 6 of those drops in my eye and before you know it I was good to go.  My companion told me that as the lesson went on, my pupil increased in size.  When I got home I could barely see any blue!  I took a pic so you can see I am cyborg man for the day. Still ended up being a great lesson. Now wearing my sun glasses inside and outside of buildings.  Been really thinking about a story I read this week.  Let me share it with you.  People felt encouragement from President Hinckley, not just because of his inspiring words but because of the way he lived.  President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve recounted: “While [President and Sister Hinckley were] going from a chapel to an airport in Central America, their vehicle was involved in an accident. Sister Nelson and I were traveling behind them and saw it occur. A truck [that was] loaded on top with unsecured metal rods approachedthem at an intersection. To avoid a collision, its driver suddenly stopped the truck, launching those iron rods like javelins to pierce the Hinckleys’ car. Windows were smashed; fenders and doors were dented. The accident could have been very serious. While shattered glass was being removed from their clothing and skin, President Hinckley said: ‘Thank the Lord for His blessing; now let’s continue on in another car.’”  Have the best week and have a glass of egg nog on me.  Oh yeah went to a Peruvian restaurant with a Peruvian missionary this week too. 

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