Monday, November 14, 2016


Mission training with Elder Kopische.  November 2016

Check it out:  this week Elder Iler is leaving and I will be brief today.  You better believe we had  miracles all week long and I'll write some of them here.  A member of the seventy came to visit this week to teach us the doctrines of the kingdom.  Elder Kopische is his name and he hails from Germany.  He believes German is the celestial language and his humor was really great.  It was like a miniature President Uchtdorf with us for about 15 hours total.  Alright, miracle time.  Miracle #1:   When Elder Kopische hosted ZONE conference he taught us to ambush people spiritually when we go contacting and knock doors.  This technique goes against everything my HUMAN NATURE says... I just want to have a fluffy conversation with everyone about the patriots or the Seahawks to be all nice... We tried his technique and no joke the minute we got out of the car we found a man interested in the church.  We told him the message of the first vision of Joseph smith within 2 minutes and he said "GOSH, that story was touching". Now we will be teaching him on Friday.  Miracle #2:  I have been updating you on the miracle investigator named Aleta that opened the door to tell us she wanted to be baptized. This week we tag team taught her with our mission President for a little bombing run / raid.  Our mission president invited her to baptism, she accepted and then showed up to church on Sunday! Yep.  We just knocked on her door and now she is accepting the gospel.  Miracle #3:  On Sunday morning we went out to rally the troops for church and invite everyone we see to come and no one was home.  For the last three months we have done the same thing and visited the same people but this time no one was home... a little dismal in our spirits, we went to church.  Sitting on the back row by ourselves,  we were looking pretty lonely when a less active member we have been working with for 6 months shows up and sees us.  He puts a big smile on his face and comes to sit by us!  He said he is planning on coming every week now.  Right after he walked in, another one of our investigators slipped in the back and waved at us as well.  I really apologize for the lameness in this email but just know the church is true, I just got a snazzy haircut, I had three protein shakes today and we are going to have a great pday today and tomorrow welcome 19 new missionaries to the WVM.  Elder Pabst is my new companion he likes cars, lifting weights and laughing.  It will be a good 4 months.
Elder King's quote to live by.

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