Monday, November 21, 2016

The Weekly Roast

Saying good-bye to Elder Iler.
New companion Elder Pabst.

Here we go for the weekly roast:  I might hit you up with one really great story for this week & then send some pictures.  I am sorry for my neglect of email lately, but uh I just have sore fingers from lesson reports this week. The work is always good and I bought eggnog this week to supplement my days and kick off the holiday season.  Okay here's the weekly story - get ready.  Buckle up and batton down the hatches:   Many months / moons ago I served in the Clark Young Single Adult Ward of Vancouver Washington.  The sun was bright & the vibes were chill in the Clark YSA.  We received a referral for a young man named Andrew & we visited him weekly.  He lived with a few other roomies and together they rented a home together. The other fellas usually smoked various things and grilled various meats while we taught Andrew.  They typically sipped on some booze while listening. We asked a few if they were interested and got some smoke blown in our faces and a few laughs but no hard feelings.  After many months and many moons I have wondered what happened to those lost souls of our Heavenly Father.  Well…let me tell you what happened with one of them. This last Saturday night our lessons cancelled.  (Always my favorite thing because it means miracles happen).  So here's what we did.  It's really complex.  We prayed, we followed the spirit, and we worked to find who we needed to see.  We decided to visit Beth a potential investigator living next to a member we know.  We showed up at the apartment complex and to our dismay... none of the apartment numbers were posted.  What the heck?  So we decided to just start knocking.  The first door we knocked on... guess who opened?  Yep, one of the guys from the old YSA smoke-house.  He opened the door and let us in immediately.  Just last week his daughter was assaulted.  He needed some comfort.  Now he is a new investigator. HEY, there is a lot of people in Vancouver.  You tell me the odds of us showing up at this house with the same guy I met months ago?  He had just moved here two weeks prior.  The church is true friends & family.  I really like it.  Some members fed us some chili last night, and I woke up feeling like I had a kidney stone to pass.  First experience getting some food poisoning out here in the Vancouver.  Other than the chili incident, things are pretty calm here.  No more riots in Portland from the election results. 

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