Monday, November 28, 2016

44 oz of Spiritual Glad Tidings

Enjoying 44 oz of diet Pepsi after a week full of miracles.
I'm a little bit excited to write this email right now.  The week filled my heart to the brim like a frothy cup of hot chocolate.  I think I had the greatest moment of my mission right before I drank a 44 oz Diet Pepsi.  The Pepsi was the reward for the day. The church was true this week just like the week before.  We spent a day in Gresham this week and we spent a thanksgiving dinner with a couple of awesome families.  Some serious turkey, some serious stuffing, some serious apples to apples & a lot of gratitude.  Miracle story number  1:  Upon spending our day down in Gresham with a couple of Elders we celebrated one of the Elder’s birthdays.  We went out to lunch and had the greatest miracle of all my life.  We went out knocking doors that night (it was raining pretty hard and only about 40 degrees. ). No biggie for us missionaries, but most people don't want to come outside and talk. We knocked about 10 or so doors and eventually we found a door with the "Jesus fish" sticker on the front door. Seems like someone that would want to talk?  We knocked and no answer... as we walked away the DOOR OPENED!  A little dog ran out as a middle aged man yelled, "SICK EM!"  Honestly I got a little scared but realized he was just  kidding.  I also realized the dog was nice and we went to talk to this guy.  He invites us in and we meet his wife.  They sat us down and gave us pie, sparkling water and told us how much they loved our church.  Pictures of Jesus covered all the walls.  Kinda dawned on us... if you love Jesus & you love our church why haven't you joined?  So we asked and an hour long discussion commenced.  No joke she told us every concern she had.  All of which were minuscule. We read John 7:17 with her and invited her to read the Book of Mormon.  A long pause followed... the spirit you could tell literally penetrated her soul!!!!  It was so great and she kept trying to think of things to say but after a few minutes she just said, "Okay I can't promise you much, but I will read the whole book once and pray about it.  You also have to let me feed you soon and we can read together".  No one in 20 months has told me they would read the whole Book of Mormon as a commitment.  Greatest day of my life.  I have never seen the spirit work someone over like that.  She told us to call the next day and sent us off with goods & told us she can't wait for us to teach her whole family.  WHAT IF we had given up after the first few doors?  What if we gave up when she told us all her concerns?  This family is going to get sealed together!  MARK MY WORDS!!!  Miracle number 2:  We had a great thanksgiving.  We played in the turkey bowl all morning long with the ward.  Tons of less actives came out to relive their glory days back in high school.  No injuries but we got creamed.  I definitely was reliving the high school glory days because we always lost anyway.  After that we raked leaves for 2 hours in the rain.  It was a lot of fun because we knocked doors to find a rake and find some trash bags.  After some trench foot and a broken phone we cleaned up for dinner.  Turkey , good times, good spirits and I won playing apples to apples.  Taught some lessons on thanksgiving too!  People still wanted to meet.  We had 8 people we are teaching come to church.  Before church we visited everyone and told everyone we saw to come worship & found some success.  It was a good time sitting back and looking at our peeps gathered at church. We kind of felt  like momma & poppa hen with our chicklings gathered at church.  Good week.  Good times.  Feeling thankful to be alive.  It's going to be a white Christmas in the McLoughlin Ward with some baptisms.  I'm trying not to be too preachy, but this week I learned a lot.  I woke up this morning with some serious revelation.  To slow down... just slow down.  The spirit cannot be in the midst of anxiety and stress.  If you're life is filled with both of those take a little time to pray & listen.  Actually listen.  I'm talking spend a few quiet moments with the spirit.  Being busy all the time isn't something we should strive for.  You don't want to miss the precious moments with the still small voice.  Things will still get done  I promise.  OKAY I CANT STAND THE SERIOUSNESS.  I GOT A HAIRCUT today from a lady who had a pet marmot and the blonde hair is falling all over me.  I am about to go win the NBA P-DAY Basketball championship.

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