Monday, August 31, 2015


Longview Zone Conference with Elder Brase

Another week has gone by and I loved EVERY SECOND.  Well, almost.  It rained a whole lot.  The place where we are staying had a garage sale and we picked up on some Mormon CDS and a Mormon missionary card game.  Every day I have been checking the merchandise like a bargain bin shopper.  The rain sort of collapsed the tarp over the sale and everything is wet.  But that's the good old northwest.  At church on Sunday we had a lesson about how the TECTONIC plates are going to shift and blow the northwest out of the country.  So, naturally we have begun to store top ramen and diet Pepsi in our 72 hour kit.  What a great week we had.  Boy did we repent this week and fix some of our LAZY WAYS.  We decided to tract a whole lot this week and things really changed.  We had a whole different attitude and have really met some great people ready for the gospel.  We are teaching Emily and she wants to get baptized more than I wish GANDALF the Grey was real.  She asks us for gospel study homework and wrote us letters telling us thank you for changing her life around.  It has been cool to watch her change.  Things like this make a mission all worth it.  And to make it even better her boyfriend is a less active member that has decided to return to full activity. #GladHappyTidings.  Most of this week I have been applying Icy Hot to my lumbar area liberally.  It has helped quite a bit.  Although investigators may question my minty scent at times, the church is still true.  Great week.  Love you all.

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