Monday, August 3, 2015

Bye Bye Washougal

Surveying the Columbia River while hiking.

Yet another week passes by and I quite enjoyed it.  This week we taught many lessons and at least two of our investigators told us that they were going to "kick satan’s A"  which provides a very spiritual experience.  We have been playing risk with the other elders in our apartment every night and one of the Elders (whom I will not name) has been very frustrated because of our secret combinations we have formed against him.  Unfortunately I am leaving the Washougal area as well I have received a call to serve in the Longview area as a district leader and I will raise my district up to be fellow warriors of the shire.  Elder Johansen has been left in the Parkers Landing area finishing training with another Elder whom has to finish training as well.  This week we had a number of swell things happen one of which was a lesson with Brother Gorman Grey in his backyard while it was 105 degrees outside.  Gorman sat on a cardboard box which broke in the middle of our lesson when the spirit was certainly at its strongest. Gorman is a good man but refuses to listen to the words which we speak.  Real cool story just real quick.  We taught a lesson @ the church and we ended really early... so we were kind of wondering what the heck to do next because the Lord must have something in store... as we leave the church Brother Don Cox pulls up saing that he " just had a feeling someone was at the church and he wanted to play the piano so he came down "  We started talking with Don and taught him a lesson while he soothed us with the Jazz sounds of the south.  Today I bought a ten dollar backpack from Ross which was definitely a highlight of the week and we had a lesson with a man named Dustin. Who doesn't really like me... or so I thought... somehow we had an incredible lesson and he was sad to hear I was leaving and it quite made my day he even wanted a hug.  One investigator that likes the gospel and needs it is worth 203958409427580498 doors being shut.  The church is true my friends.  LOVE YOU ALL.

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