Monday, August 10, 2015

Kelso and Castlerock Magic

Saying Good-bye to Washougal with Elder Johansen

Hello Longview and new companion Elder Briggs


 I don't even know how to describe how great this new land/area/place of proselyting is.  Already fallin in love with the members, people, restaurants and scenery around here.  There just so happens to be a RED LOBSTER in my actual area.  I have already planned the days I will be fine dining @ that great establishment... My new companion Elder Briggs hails from the area of Dylan, Montana (or somewhere around there) & Elder Briggs is really awesome.  He was roping the rocking chair  outside a couple nights ago around 10'oclock at night.  Just had to relieve some stress and bring the ropes out.  We have been recruited to chop lumber twice this week already and Elder Briggs just gets a lil spark in his eye when it comes to work like that. Currently he is roping a chair in the stake center.  I just love that guy.  We had a great week this week and all week I felt a little bit like Peter when he went out to walk on water and find Christ.  Most of my mission has been just greenie fire so far and now I have been given more responsibility and a few little tides have come in... and I took my eye off Christ for a day or two!! It's easy to do that.   But sinking in the water is the worst feeling.  As I have turned my head, thoughts, and eyes back to Christ it feels like I have been strengthened ten-fold. Kind like a little pre-workout or something and now I am getting jacked in the gospel.  We have been teaching a lady named Shelly who will be baptized on the 22nd and the lessons with her have been amazing.  Spiritually intense sounds like polar opposites but it HAPPENS.  When we walk out of the lesson we have to sit in the car for a few minutes and review what just happened.  We teach her at a member’s home and the members are named the GRIMES family.  Each time we have returned they have had a new investigator in the home for us to teach. PEOPLE are so humble.  So so so very humble here in Kelso and Castlerock Ward as well.  Two sessions of church on Sunday was awesome as well. Really used to having a Pepsi about mid day on Sunday but THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE.  Keeping that Sabbath Day holy now.   Even though sometimes I am a little tired.  Okay, big email is concluding.  I am nicknamed the Relief Society President because my district is all sisters except my companion.  These sisters rock though, and they are teaching like crazy.  Out-working me and Elder Briggs most of the time...

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