Monday, August 17, 2015

Being a Missionary is the Greatest Thing in the World

The Loch Ness monster (caught by Brother Bloomfelt)

It has been an exciting week again in Kelso / Castlerock are.   I will start off by saying being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world.  The first thing that happened this week was serious tracting in downtown Kelso.  We came upon a home full of people slightly under the influence making banshee cries at us and wailing and gnashing teeth. The situation seemed common but we felt like we should ask for referrals.........  These great people directed us to the neighbors whom just moved in and we sat down with all 4 of them and taught the restoration a few days later.  Really cool experience that illustrated the importance of having faith even when the situation seems hopeless.  On Tuesday President Marshall (the stake president) took our whole zone out to lunch!!  President Marshall happens to be the old bishop of the Parkers Landing ward I just came from so we had to chat about the Washougal endeavors as of late.  This trip to Wendy’s actually proved to be a fatal mistake for my day.  Something contained in a small #8 with a diet cherry vanilla coke rumbled the stomach.  I will be avoiding that menu item for the remainder of my mission.  Later that evening while trying to contain my stomach issues we taught Sister Potts (investigator) whom is married to Brother Potts ( a very active member of the ward) with our ward mission leader.  An hour and a half later I was walking out of the lesson feeling exhausted from the concentration and from the spirit!!  I said some things in that lesson I have never said in all my life and I know the spirit is guiding every step of the work here.  Throughout the next few days we fed spiders, bought tums and tried to exercise all the faith we could muster.  On Thursday we ate with the Hornbeck family and they have ice cream eating contests quite often but you're not allowed to use hands or a spoon....  Another great thing that happened was after weekly planning we went to the shell station to get a mid-day beverage for lunch and I was distracted by the good looking curved brim USA cap on the wall and I have covenanted that I will buy that by the time I leave this area & all of this day it rained.  Haven't seen rain in about a month.   A very cool thing happened this week actually.  A great family, The Vorses took us out to dinner on THEIR ANNIVERSARY... they took us out to get all you can eat prime rib from the Red Lion Hotel.  I love these Washingtonian folks and I love being a missionary.  Some of our investigators even showed up at church this week and we have been buying cinnamon cookies and cinnamon mints for one of our investigators to help her keep the word of wisdom.  We occasionally go to the Grimes home to see who is there... it is sort of an open door policy and we can usually find 2 or 3 new people every time.  A man yelled for us to come and help him.... & when we arrived we found out he had large blisters on his toes and wanted us to pop them for hi!.  How spiritual :):)  & yesterday at dinner Brother Bloomfelt caught the Loch Ness monster and offered to cook it up for us at dinner.   The Church is true, America is the best & let me know if you have any evidence or insights on sasquatch finding.

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