Monday, August 24, 2015


Shelly's baptism

THIS WEEK WE HAD A BAPTISM.  One of my most favorites ever.  Shelly was already engaged in lessons when I arrived here in Kelso & I have had the honor of finishing the lessons with her and participating in the baptism.  The baptism was chaos.  But, the best kind of chaos. When everyone started arriving we had no prelude music or anything to calm the crowd.  It ended up being a full-on mingle / yell / munchkins frolicking about session until about 10 after the hour.  When the baptism commenced one of our talks fell through and we had to assign one of the other missionaries here watching the baptism to give a short talk on baptism.  When they entered the waters to be baptized we realized we neglected to teach them the correct techniques of performing the baptism ordinance... 5 minutes later we had them positioned in the correct manner.  WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE WHO CARES we had a baptism and I felt the spirit and the happiest feeling in my heart for this young lady.  This week I purchased a hat that has a large bass on the front and says "BASS" in large stitched lettering.  What a day that was for me. We have really had a test of faith this week with trying to manage time and manage the schedule.  With two wards we have had much to do and not enough time to do it. We felt the need to go check on a potential investigator named "Brenda" and when we arrived she seemed slightly happy to see us but not really interested in much... BUT the spirit said "ask for a referral"  and we did.  We were referred to a relative of hers that was going through a rough time.  A few days later we found extra time to go check on this young lady and it  turns out she has already been baptized and wants to be reactivated.  Her husband said he had been praying for the missionaries to show up because he really needs them right now.   What a blessing it is to be a part of this great work.  In sacrament meeting yesterday we had a DAY OF HYMNS.  Yes, that consisted of an hour of singing and belting out our most favorite latter day tunes.  Each person turned in a paper listing their favorite hymns and the bishopric randomly selected about 10 to come up in front of the congregation and bear testimony of the song.  About mid-meeting a young lady came up and said "I don’t know any hymns, but I selected this song because I just love America... (slight pause)  then energetically says " AMERICA" with the pound of a fist and scutters back to her seat. I could not contain the laughs.  How spiritual indeed.  I love my mission and I know that I am supposed to be here right now at this very moment.  Jake McFarland came to Kelso to visit some of his family.  It was awesome to see him.  He took my companion and I out to lunch and told us all about his mission.  So good to see a buddy from back home.  It was just like old times!!
Jake Mcfarland and Elder King.  Just like old times!

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