Monday, September 7, 2015

Quick Review of the Week

Selfie in the church bathroom!

Okay here are a few happenings from this past week:

1- Dinner with a kind family where we ate tomatoes, drank milk and listened to Brother Harris ruin the bathroom about mid dinner.

2- Heard about the upcoming BYU/Nebraska football game all week from everyone.  Yesterday, heard about the amazing Hail Mary finish from everyone at church!  Dad sent me a video of the catch today!  Love it!

3- Have been tracting around the town of Kelso every night until about 8:30 pm.  We found an incredible investigator at 8:29 pm,  moseying around town and he wants to be baptized now.  We committed to talking to ten new people a day and after we did that the Lord blessed us richly.  Committing always brings blessings :)

4- We were forced to move from our happy trailer dwelling to a new abode that  looks like a penthouse  and our new neighbor is concerned that two teens moving in means we are going to have late night parties.  Yep.

5- Elder Briggs gave me a hand carved wallet from his Dad's own leather working business, "lone tree" leather works.  Go to and see the MERCH.

More to come next week.  Watch out for false prophets and peeping wizards

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