Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Dunkin!

The baptism of Emily Douglas

Hey friends and family it has been an awesome week in the service. We baptized this week!  We entered Emily Douglas into the waters of baptism and I was able to perform this great ordinance.  During the baptism only around 8 times did youngling children run in and out while slamming the door to REALLY invite the spirit.  It was great.  We made sure to practice the technique of baptism so when it was actually happening we didn't have to move around to try and figure out the right position for 5 minutes in the water.  Me & Elder Brown have been having a lot of fun tracting and laughing this week. The ward recruited us to come play volleyball and talk to some less active members in the ward.  Little did we know the intensity of actual volleyball rules.  We were called for carrying about 5 times each.. I used to be a star at valley view elementary.  It was great and the MO TAB really got our juices going while bumping setting and spiking.  A few miracles happened this week.   One of them being a lesson where we taught Pam Forester.  She is new to most of this "God and Jesus stuff" so she says... And we couldn't convince her that miracles still happen today.  I decided to tell her the process of my own conversion and show her a Mormon message by Jeffery R Holland and at the end of it all she just said "wow, that was really cool" all the while the spirit bombarded all who were listening.  It was her time to hear the message after about 60 lessons with other elders.  We finally made some progress! We went shopping at Target earlier and I was stunned at the Star Wars products around every corner.  Also, we had dinner with the Bishop just last night.  What a man he is and truly called of God to serve the people here in the woodlands of Castlerock.  Cool story.  We were tracting in Kelso and the phone started ringing.  Elder Brown delegated the phone to me because he didn't know the number of who was calling.  It was a man who has been inactive for about 10'years and is ready to come back.  We went promptly up to shove some doctrines down his throat and rebuke his behavior.  We actually just taught him a nice lesson from a general conference talk and his wife happens to not be a member.  They both came to church yesterday and she will be baptized shortly.  Also, a kind member of our ward scribed a poem about me and placed a scene of the shire as the backdrop.  Love it!

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