Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Joy

Enjoying P-Day at the beach of the Columbia River

What a wonderful week it has been most definitely because of the opportunity to hear from our prophet and apostles.  I was VERY grateful for the counsel that was given & there is quite a bit I realized I need to change!  I will begin PONDERIZING scriptures immediately.  I will also search for the dictionary definition to that word.  Maybe with a little STRATEGERY I will begin to PONDERIZE my life.  ( Mom and Dad  will get the joke )  We were able to watch conference with a different investigator each session!  Each session seemed to be speaking directly to the investigator watching it with us.  Many of the words we have desired to yell at our investigators ( with love ,) were spoken of at conference by more authoritative figures than 20 year old punks in white shirst and a tie.  I stole Elder Browns alarm clock and hid it in my closet at the beginning of the week and he has been searching for it since that day. It has been amusing to watch him search and ponder where he could have misplaced it.  I put it back exactly where it was before and he was confused how he would have missed it all week long and suddenly it showed up.  Throughout the week I have endured many accusations from him and much persecution.  But, I was stalwart in my duty and never gave up.  I shall be hiding a new item this week and will most likely be doing this for the rest of my mission.  Cool story of the week - I was on exchanges with Elder Jones, who just began his mission experience about 3 weeks ago and we had a great day planned in Kelso/Castle Rock.  We went out to tract and all was well and all continued to be well until about 7 o clock.  We travelled up to the appointment we had scheduled @ 7 & arrived about 30 minutes early.  We began to tract the neighbors homes and landed upon David.  David requested everything we were holding in our hands and questioned the necessity of modern day prophets.  He told us he would be looking up Thomas S Monson online this weekend and hopefully HE SAW THE ADDRESS President Monson gave Sunday.  The cool part of the story was when we went next door to our appointment nobody answered... Then we saw we had a voicemail on our phone.  It was our appointment cancelling (the voicemail was from 8:00 this morning) BUT OUR schedule was so busy all day and nothing ever prompted us to check the voicemail and lo and BEHOLD we traveled up to the appointment because the Lord needed us to talk to David.  Next cool story of the week -  Me & Elder Briggs cast out a devilish figure from a home near to our home.  While we were thus "casting devils",  a former investigator walked into the home.  After we concluded our "casting" she wanted to talk with us and set up an appointment to learn more.  THIS WEEK, we met with her for a lesson.  She & her husband are now going to get baptized!  It is always a wonderful week, because the Lord makes it a wonderful week.  I hope conference was great for you all.  I drank 2 diet cokes to prepare for the Sunday afternoon session.  I was greatly invigorated by the conference/caffeine duo.

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