Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Baptism!!

Brett's baptism on October 24, 2015

I must say this week was even better than the last.  While tracting, an infant answered the door in only his Buzz Lightyear underwear.  While talking to his father, the next thing we know, he took those undies right off and gave them a little whirl towards me.  The spirit most certainly testified to this young man’s father of the importance of eternal  families as his underwear rested upon my leg.  I was stunned and couldn’t find the courage to even touch them!   Another baptism!!  Bret Hallett got the okay to be baptized this week!  He has been investigating the church for about 2 years now and did not have the approval from his mother for baptism.  He just decided to ask his father this past week and got the approval.  So, we had a baptism and 104 people were in attendance!  I sent a picture of Brother Hallett and some of the missionaries who taught him over these past two years.  Once again, we did not plan anything with the baptism program, and when this happens everything seems to go smoothly.  It was really awesome to have 104 people at the baptism and to teach the restoration over the pulpit to a large crowd like a missionary of old.  We kind of felt like Paul or Alma preaching up there.  We did some service this weekend and go out of our white shirts and ties.  Sister Couch thrashed through her drain pipe and threw out her shoulder.  Luckily, the Elders around here have biceps…and big ones.  WE GOT TRANSFER LETTERS.  I am going to continue to watch over the Castle Rock Ward alone, and Elder Brown will be watching over the Kelso Ward.  Elder Furlow, whom I served with in the MTC and he stunk up the room quite often, will be my new companion.  He hails from the land of Louisiana.  Elder Brown will be receiving a new companion that has only been out the same amount of time as him – 6 weeks!  All 4 of us will be living in the Longview duplex with 1 shower and 1 bathroom.  I have already called dibs on the first shower.  One more great story of the week.  The Steele family moved into the Castle Rock Ward in March and Brother Steele is not a member of the church.  We decided to pay a visit to the family.  Sister Steele lined up a dinner with us immediately and wants to feed us every Tuesday from now on.  Tomorrow we will be dining at Red Lobster with them J  Okay, now that you heard the cool part, I must tell you that Brother Steele wants to be baptized and he has read half of the BOM in two weeks!  He will be entering the waters of baptism on the 28th of November as an early Christmas present.  He loves history and this story makes me believe that the church is most definitely true.  This last Tuesday we went to their home for dinner and we got to make our own dessert.  It was really delicious.  Great week.  The work is good.  If you have any doubts about Heavenly Father’s love just remember that he knows better than we do.

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