Monday, October 19, 2015

Will's Baptism

Will's baptism October 17, 2015

Let me fill you in on a wonderful week in the mission field.  Weeks don't get much better than this very last one.  Primarily because we had a baptism!! Young William Turner (not actually Turner but I am keeping his last name in secrecy), was baptized by his father and confirmed shortly after.  The baptism went smoothly… for once!  Thank the heavens.  Most likely because we didn't have any part in planning the program!  The primary president took care of it.  Our mission president showed up right as we were teaching the restoration to the congregation and Elder Brown just about died of nervousness!  He did awesome and I am really lucky to have him as a companion.  A little miracle happened the day after.  Brother Jensen ( who was at the baptism ), came up to us and thanked us for teaching the restoration.  He said that it was probably the 10000th time he has heard the restoration and it was nothing new.  But, he felt the spirit and the spirit told him he needed to apologize to his son whom he had yelled at earlier.  That kind of thing makes it all worth it!  Earlier in the week we ate dinner at the Hornbecks.  They are a great family with a son serving in Texas.  The Hornbecks like to have ice cream eating contests!! But you cannot use the spoon or your hands.  I have attached pictures of the carnage from this activity.  I did not win unfortunately, but Elder Brown excelled at the consuming of frozen dairy. The saints in Kelso and Castle Rock are some of the best saints.  We just received a new senior couple in our district and they are fired up. The Gardners want to attend each district meeting and come out to any lessons we can have them attend with us.  They love buying us food and getting us things from the book store.  We love them.  One more story.  Just the other evening we dropped in on a member of the ward that we have been trying to see for a couple months now and we have never caught them  at home.  WELL, we finally did.  They are awesome and the father of the family works as a janitor JUST LIKE I DID.  We talked of the many pros and mostly the CONS of working as a janitor at a junior high school.  Then towards the end of our meeting we figured out that both of us have CAMPED AT THE FLAMING GORGE.  AND both of us have been at the JOHN JARVEY RANCH at Flaming Gorge.  This family’s grandparents actually work as tour guides at the John Jarvey Ranch.  This is a dream come true and quite the tender mercy.  Flaming Gorge and especially the John Jarvey Ranch are favorite vacation spots of my family.  What a great week!   There is a pumpkin that I constructed to celebrate the upcoming Star Wars release.

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