Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My 3rd Son

I suppose you're wondering why this email is titled "my 3rd son" well let me tell you why.  Transfers are Wednesday and I am staying here in Kelso and training yet another missionary.  The Lord is giving me offspring as numerous as the stars out here (apparently you refer to the missionaries you train as your son)  We have quite the posterity out here in the field.  We have 6 generations of trainees out here. Elder Briggs is also training next transfer.  SO GOOD THINGS HAPPENING HERE.  What a week we truly had some cool things happen.  First off we were hazardously low on fuel this past Sunday and we had to ration our gas in an attempt to keep the sabbath day holy.  We knew the Lord would help us keep all the commandments some way.  We ended up getting a referral to end the night that was right next to our apartment. During this lesson our member present tried to convince our investigator that she was worshipping a false idol by wearing the cross... (Don't ever do that)  As we attempted to wrangle the lesson back to earth we ended up having a very spiritual lesson and she invited us to play pickle ball with her this morning.  BUT WE HIKED MT ST HELENS INSTEAD.  NOT really hiked but we drove up to this cool observatory and hiked around a loop.  I want to share a cool experience today.  We had to fuel up early in the morning due to our lack of planning yesterday and low level of fuel... and I let Elder Briggs take care of the fuel this time.  The good fella filled it all up and hopped back in the car.  We left the
station and embarked towards the stake center and I heard a little clinking on the side of the car... next thing I know a few people drive by and give me a look like I am a tourist from the north pole though the window... and Briggs goes bright red.  He most certainly forgot to shut the gas chamber on the side and we were making quite a mockery of the Missionary program at this point.  Okay, time for an actually cool experience.  We had a lesson planned with Dave and as Elder Briggs offered the "pre-lesson" prayer I couldn’t get the thought of this other investigator out of my head... I knew we had to go visit her.  SO WE DID.  & as we showed up and talked she explained we showed up at the perfect time of day on the perfect day and she had been thinking about us lately.  She told us her life story and showed us pictures of her family.  Then, she asked us "Does your religion offer anything about change and about starting over again?"  The spirit blew up my heart like mt st helens at that moment.  She was practically asking for the gospel.  We left her with some verses and I learned an important lesson about yielding to the spirit even if we have to change our own plans.  We moved into a new apartment this past week and we are finally getting settled in. No more living out of a suitcase.  I have also found some really soothing post shave balm and I have been styling my hair in a way that has revolutionized my missionary work.  Life is good.  The church is true.  I even gave another sacrament talk on Sunday.  & I am getting a pair of Elders in my district :):):):):)  NO MORE RELIEF SOCIETY PRESIDENT!

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