Monday, July 25, 2016

Zone Temple Trip

The Van East Zone at the Portland Temple on 7/19/16

Sorry probably won't send a big email today we are really, really busy.  Happy Pioneer Day for you at home.   We are not quite celebrating today except I got a haircut and bought some really classy slacks from Kohl’s today. I can't buy things anymore... It's horrible all I try to do is make the best buy for my buck!  I can't even enjoy shopping anymore.  We are playing the BOM game right now it is hilarious!! Thank you parents for sending it. It's a big hit with the zone.  The temple trip was amazing... I miss that place so much.  Can we hit up the temple every week when I am home?  I love my new companion he is awesome.  It is hard sometimes because Elder Matthews didn't talk at all but Elder Reinwand loves to talk.  We are having fun together.   We found a family that wants to be baptized! They are on date for the 20th.  I have never prayed harder to find someone to baptize.  Our zone is slacking... We are kinda low on numbers, but sometimes you just get a rough hand dealt to ya?  Here, where we are serving it is the ritzy part of Vancouver.  President McAteer is the best and he is very humble.  He is the opposite of President Taylor.  BUT NOT CALLING PRESIDENT TAYLOR PRIDEFUL.   He was just confident.  So sorry for the lame email... I sure love you guys at home and thanks again for all you do.  I am still reaping the benefits of the birthday packages  you all sent me.  Question... As a leader how do you gain trust with your people?  That is the question that I am pondering this week as a zone leader.

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