Monday, July 18, 2016


New companion Elder Reinwand

I received a new companion to embark on another round of Fisher’s Landing adventures with me this past week.  Elder Reinwand is his name and he loves to work / have deep conversations / make me push the cart at Fred Meyer.  Pushing the cart is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. We had another fantastic week through.  BTW it was my b day and I did go to Olive Garden and we found some incredible new investigators all on the same day.  Okay story #1:  We had dinner with one of our favorite members.  His name is Steve and he has cerebral palsy.  He comprehends and understands almost everything, but compiling a sentence is a little difficult sometimes.  He is the son of the member we live with and he wanted to take us out to dinner.  COOLEST THING.  We understood every word he said all evening.  He even bore his testimony and told us he loved us.  One of the more spiritual experiences of my mission.  This guy is really close to Heavenly Father.  Okay miracle today @ Fred Meyer:  We went browsing for shoes /things we don't need.  We spent about 20 minutes looking at Camo Crocs.  I really want a pair.  This man walked by us about 5 times and as we left the shoe section we noticed we were headed towards the women's clothing section... We decided we don't need any of that so we turned around and there was the same guy staring at us!  He comes up to us and says "God is speaking to me right now.  This is crazy.  I went to the dentist earlier today and my dentist is LDS.  We were talking about it most of the session.  I also was baptized when I was 8 but then fell away and joined the Episcopalian church. I am unhappy with the church now... I feel like God is speaking to me. What would you recommend I do?"  YEAH THAT HAPPENED!  I told him to buy a pair of camo crocs and meet with us ASAP!  That really set the tone for a good grocery shopping session.  Next cool miracle:  We took a member from the High Priest group out with us (a bunch of old men). Brother Anderson came with us Wednesday and we went to visit an old 89 year old lady.  She could barely hear us and we didn't want to yell.  Well, Elder Reinwand & I didn't want to yell, but Brother Anderson testified of the importance of the temple very loudly and sternly, essentially rebuking this 89 year old lady with love.  We were shocked at the way he taught her so boldly... This guy was almost yelling at her!  He said the spirit promoted him to really share what he shared.  After talking about the temple for 30 minutes she said "Well, I haven't been to the temple in 30 years and the last thing I told my husband before he passed away was... That I would make sure I got myself back into the temple". WOW.  I think that's about all I will share for the week because I want to go play BBALL. Elder Reinwand is from Idaho so I titled the email “spuds”.    I wanted to share a picture of my birthday cake.  SOME OF THE FINEST MEMBERS IN ALL OF VANCOUVER asked me to come over late in the evening on my bday, and when I walked in many members began singing happy birthday and they sliced me a piece of cake with a Diet Dew.  Geez!  Life is good.

Happy 21st Birthday Elder King!

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