Monday, July 11, 2016


Last district meeting before transfers.

The Lord's team???
Sorry for the lack of writing last week I hope my follower count didn't decrease.  It was a busy day and honestly I just wanted to play ball and drink soda at a July 4th ward BBQ.  But this week we just had a freakin blast!  Elder Matthews and I saw tons of miracles. Unfortunately, he is getting transferred to Gresham :(. We were tearing up the pavement here and it is sad to have him leave (don't tell him I said that). We never compliment each other because it just isn't manly.  Okay are you ready for a killer miracle?! We had a lesson with some less active members of the ward and it went really short... The LA members had to go and eat shortly after we arrived (priorities right?),  and we took the member we had with us tracting.  First door we knock on was the guy we met the previous week that speaks Portuguese with our ward member friend.   As we knocked this time... Little did we know this member we had with us this time (different from the other Portuguese speaker) speaks Portuguese as well!   We didn't even know both times our member would speak the same language that we needed to communicate.  Right after that, we went to stop by another potential investigator, and we had the prompting three times to talk to a lady behind us and the third time we finally caved and did it.  After a 30 minute conversation she told us "she doesn't feel a need for the gospel right now.  If she had more of a need she would probably investigate".   At this point it was similar to an old west showdown with the levels of intensity we were felling.  We WERE A LITTLE SHOCKEDBE CAUSE WE FELT A PROMPTING... Luckily, as it always does, the spirit whispered the words we needed in the moment we needed them.  It whispered "ask her what she would feel if she got to the final judgement of God and she passed up the chance to investigate?" Her heart CAVED!  She wanted to hear the message and wanted to investigate.  This was no sales pitch!!  my heart blew up like the Michelin man!! The spirit overwhelmed.  We had the best 4th of July with the best members let me tell you we almost got hit with fireworks.  The family we went to watch the fireworks with had a card table with tubes on the top to shoot off some mortars.  The first and second mortars flipped the table over and a mortar shot into the grass.   BOOM!  The mortar blew up and almost shot some American pride right into my SLACKS! I ducked behind my chair like I was hiding in the trenches of the WWI.  I drank 3 diet mountain dews.   This week we had our last district meeting with my district before this transfer.  I also found this awesome  picture of an LDS general authority in a Dodgers jersey.  Just letting everyone know who the best team is.  I just want to say I couldn't be more on cloud 9.  We had a baptism in the zone Saturday night.  We PRAYED OUR BUNS off for an investigator to have the desire to attend the baptism and HEAVENLY FATHER DELIVERED.  One of our investigators replied within 10 minutes of our text and she told us she felt incredibly peaceful during the baptism.  This warmed our souls.  This investigator had avoided our texts all week to set up a lesson... Go figure.  Love this gospel and love being a missionary.

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