Monday, June 6, 2016

Smoked Servants of the Lord

Saying good-bye to Brother Lambert (senior missionary and my favorite!)

This week has been real warm here in Vancouver. Not even the tree coverage could stop the blazing heat.  We were smoked by mid week with farmers tans, sun burnt foreheads and sweaty collars.  The coolest thing about 100 degree weather... Is that missionary work can never be halted.  We had a fantastic week of miracles.  Okay let's talk way cool miracles.  Yesterday we were trying our best
to find people to teach and a less active member offered us water & started to say diet... Then stopped himself because he assumed we did not drink soda.  I piped up "I LOVE DIET" and got a free Diet Pepsi to help my proselyting.  A few minutes later we got out of the car to take a visit to an investigator and two kids were walking by.  We approached them to preach gospely stuff with them and I realized the very same kid was investigating the church while I was in the YSA.  He since then broke up with the member he was dating and moved on... The Lord sent him right to us and he said he would begin reading the Book of Mormon again because he needed something to help get his life back on track.  He even read the BOM with us while we talked in the 85 degree weather standing in the street.  We have been experiencing trouble trying to visit a less  active member of our ward for about 6 weeks now... And we finally grew a brain and decided to just send her a text instead of dropping by 6 times a week and never catching her home.  She accepted a visit the next day and we found out she needs the missionaries and would like to meet with us once a week to take the lessons over again.  I wish I had a bigger brain.  Some missionaries invited us to come help a member of their ward move on Saturday.  We laced the converse up and headed over to help and got the news the move wasn't happening that day.  All 4 of us felt inspired to pray and find others that needed service.  We prayed and started walking to find a nice family hosting a garage sale next door. They seemed to be really excited that we offer door to door service for free. We sensed an opportunity to teach the lessons to a family with softened hearts! Next thing you know we found a new investigator.  We then walked down the street to another member of the church that needed some serious WEEDING.  Farmers tan enhanced and got to use garden tilling weaponry,  what a good day.  My favorite senior missionary got released this week. What a sad day to lose Elder Lambert.  Sometimes I would prefer a senior companion (don't tell Elder Matthews lol). Elder Lambert was  A Washington Vancouver missionary legend to say the least.  We took an honorary selfie (or so he thought it was called a selfie) right before he left. President Taylor leaves at the end of this transfer too.  I THOUGHT LEAVING HOME WAS KINDA HARD?!  The whole mission presidency will be changed next month!  Sad to see them go... But here's a cool thing... The missionary work still goes on!  Heat, rain, loss of favorite senior missionary's... Nothing frustrates the work of the Lord.  Overall it's been a great week and I figured out how to make delicious smoothies in the morning.

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