Monday, May 30, 2016

Glovka Family Glory

The Glovka family baptism May 28, 2016.

What a week to be a missionary.  I know I say it every email but I’M NOT KIDDING.  You just gotta hear about this week.  Baptisms, birthdays and temple tours.  Elder Matthews has a birthday today and we are celebrating by proselyting from 6-9 PM.  I made him pancakes with a special message on his oj.  We will be having a BBQ with some of our favorite members from the ward.  One of the members helping today said "I never really came home from my mission".  I can attest to this statement, because with him we basically have a third missionary in the ward & it's awesome.  What a help.  I am pretty sure when I come home I will never really come home.  I see happiness in this member I don't see very often.  I want to continue serving after my mission like him.  ANYWAY… NOW FOR SOME GOOD STUFF:  Yesterday we taught some members of our ward the techniques of building a family mission plan and figured out it was the birthday of one of the family members AND ELDER MATTHEWS B DAY IS TODAY. Therefore, they invited us over for Sunday evening cake / ice cream.  As we arrived, this wonderful member was putting on a silly red jumpsuit and stuffing it with balloons.   He told us a family tradition of his is to wear a red jumpsuit stuffed with balloons and you have to pop them all without using your hands.  I was privileged to watch this member and Elder Matthews perform this daunting task.  Classic!  NEXT GOOD STUFF : BAPTISM OF THE GLOVKA FAMILY. These swell people changed big time to be baptized.  They went on a tour of the temple grounds with us Friday evening before the baptism.  COOL THING FROM THE TEMPLE TOUR:  About 5 weeks ago Elder Matthews & I received an email from sister missionaries in Florida wanting to ask us if we knew anyone from Florida we could refer to them.  We were a little confused because we don't know anyone in Florida that we wanted to refer besides Pitbull the singer.  Well, the sister missionary giving us a tour of the temple was from Florida!  She happened to be praying for a while concerning how she could share the gospel with family members back home.  This was the answer to her prayers.   How cool!! The next day we participated in a great baptism.  The Glovka family all entered into the waters of baptism with little to NO problems at the baptism.  We even had Costco cheesecake to eat after the service.  I baptized Katie.   OKAY, NEXT COOL THING/LESSON LEARNED:  This would be the finding of a new investigator late in the evening hours.  I was on exchanges with an Elder that wanted to fill up gas at 8:30 pm ( DURING PRIME FINDING TIME!)  My heart  grieved at this desire.  Nonetheless, I followed his desire to fill up gas.  As we began fueling, we felt promoted to talk to the other young lady filling up gas beside us.  She openly told us she had prayed for the first time only about a week ago.  She found Christ for the first time and loved the feeling.  She actually had a friend pass away about a month ago and was pretty stoked to hear about the spirit world. What are the odds?! How DOES HEAVENLY FATHER DO IT?!  Heavenly Father is watching very closely over you and he knows each one of you.  Never forget that truth!  Well, I still blow dry my hair, I still like diet drinks, and I love being a missionary.  Greatest two years of my life, since I first bought my Mitsubishi Lancer. Have a good week and make sure that you always pick Iron Man over Captain America.

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