Monday, May 23, 2016

Another Swell Week

Elder King and family friend Rick Jarvis.

Yet another really, really, really great week here in Fisher’s Landing.  I will share some miracle stories with you and relate some funny happenings of the week.  I have purchased a supply of American flags to fly around the apartment wing and in our car.  Not confederate, but American flags.  They are adding to the spirit of the room.  Cool miracle #1 was definitely finding Sarah, a cool investigator, the other night.  The week before, we were tracting at about 8:55 pm, and saw Sarah walking across the street.  We bolted over and talked to her and even made her remove her headphones.  She was quite a “golden find” and interested in the gospel.  We neglected to get a return appointment or her number for future contact... We prayed over the next week that she would be taken care of and guess what happened the other night?  We were out again working at 8:50 pm knocking doors and we felt inspired to go knock on another door at 9:00. No luck... but we felt good!  We felt the spirit.  No it wasn't caffeine, it was the spirit!   We were driving home a different way than usual because Elder Matthews felt inspired to take this route home and guess who was walking down the same street?  Guess who accepted another lesson and gave us her number?  Yes, Sarah did just that!  Now, I shall explain another great event we participated in.  It is called the Washougal 5K stride run for education.  Some of the people that run in the event are members of the church and asked us to participate /volunteer in this event.  We ensured that no runners were clobbered by cars and we acted as cheerleaders for the younglings to spring to the finish line.  After the event and during the event, many people were asking each other "what did our name tags mean?" And all sorts of other questions.  There were tons of missionary opportunities and I even told people if they finished the race and read scriptures they would get blessings.  I don't think I was supposed to do that, but I did it anyway and I even cried out like a wookie every now and then to keep people’s spirits up.  I also met someone this week (I actually had dinner with this someone just last night)  that grew up with my Dad! Rick Jarvis, a good old family friend of the King family.  Yes, they lived in the swamp together down in Louisiana!  What are the odds?  Well, I heard more about the south than I ever wanted to know and I heard some good stories to talk to my father about.  A few of those stories I need to verify with my Dad to make sure he really was the criminal mastermind his friend described him as.  It was one of those moments where I knew this mission was my place to serve.  I think I'll just leave it at that and tell you this week was awesome.  We have a baptism this upcoming weekend for one of the greatest families known to mankind.  We have been exceedingly blessed with delicious smoothie joints nearby our home and many people to teach. Old spice hair paste is the best and Old Spice Swagger deodorant. 

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