Monday, May 9, 2016


Hit and Run Miracle Encounter

Scott's baptism May 7, 2016

Johnny Miller Missionary Fireside
Let me tell you about one of the greatest weeks of my life.  The revelation has come pouring out from heaven as if I unlocked some magical treasure chest of eternal joy.  But, all we did as a companionship was pray and desire.  This week contained miracle upon miracle from hit and run car crashes to baptizing a Cambodian.  Okay,  first cool story would definitely have to be the car collision success story.   We received a call from Elder Lambert (my favorite senior missionary) informing us that some missionaries in our zone were hit by another car and the driver sped off.  This man then parked his car and galloped away on foot to evade the Vancouver police force while the sister missionaries called a member to come pick them up next to their nearly totaled 2016 Toyota Corolla.  We arrived shortly after the sister missionaries were picked up and Elder Lambert only remained at the scene.  We chatted and told around 394 concerned people in the area that we were okay, and that  it wasn't us in the crash. Two young men parked their car to come help out at the scene.  We explained to them the story and began teaching the restoration.  Both of these young men desired a copy of the Book of Mormon and took it home to their families.  As we gave them a copy of the book we felt the need to go say good- bye to Elder Lambert as he sat in the car with the tow- truck driver to pay the bill.  As we opened the door of the tow truck we heard a conversation between Elder Lambert and the tow-truck driver.  The driver of the truck had served a humanitarian mission in Latvia years ago.  He has not attended church in ten years due to some questions in his soul that no one has been able to answer.  Elder Lambert told this man we could answer his questions if he would let us teach him.  Next thing you know, we have the address of this man and a big smile is on his face.  We left and as we got in the car Elder Lambert came running over to our window and told us some additional insights... The tow-truck driver told him as he pulled up to the scene, he felt something in his heart as he looked at us and recognized that we were missionaries.  He felt like he belonged there and it felt good.  He told Elder Lambert he is excited to meet with us and figure out what the feeling meant.  HOW COOL!!!   All we did was show up.  The next cool story this week happened when  I returned to the Vancouver YSA this weekend to baptize one of the investigators I taught.  His name is Scott Tur.  He hails from Cambodia and is possibly the greatest human being to ever live, besides Jesus Christ.  I watched this young man progress over 6 weeks like you wouldn't believe.  He went from coffee every day to not one sip.  I am so happy that he has been baptized!  Okay next cool thing.  Do any of you know the famous pro golfer Johnny Miller?!  The one from the 70's with stylish plaid pants?  Well, apparently this hall of famer knows our mission president.  Johnny also is a member of the LDS church!  He came this past week to speak at a fireside for the missionaries.  I tried to make him sign my bicep, but the muscle was far too rigid and bulky for a pen to write on.   We snagged a picture with him.  You would never know he was a hall of fame pro golfer by the way he lives and acts.  He had many spiritual stories to share with us.  During interviews with my mission President this week,  I asked him if he liked Diet Coke.  The response was "yes" and this was good news.  I am currently thanking the Lord for this knowledge.  I really hope you all know how awesome it is to be a missionary.  Please go on a mission if you have the slightest desire.  You will never regret it.  HAVE A SWELL WEEK and don't forget to tell your mothers you love them and buy them a shirt from Walmart!!!  (That's what I did).

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