Monday, June 27, 2016

M.O.M. (Mother Of all Miracles)

This week has been fantastic and it was capped off with some diet dew delight.  The miracle, it was literally the "MOM" MOTHER OF ALL MIRACLES.  Elder Matthews & I went on two exchanges this week and on one of the exchanges a kind young lady attempted to sell me drugs.  She mingled the sales tactics with the gospel, but I wasn't buyin any of it.  She could not fool me.  Let's start with the MOM this week.  Yesterday after dinner Elder Matthews & I went down to our favorite apartment complex for some Sunday evening family finding.  We had a family in mind to go see first thing.  As we knocked, we were quickly denied.  A second door... Denied!  But a third door... Proved to be success.  We had planned to visit a new move in on our ward directory at apartment 10.  Along the way to this apartment, we spoke with a kind lady that was going through a hard time, a death in the family, and she was looking for some comfort.  She accepted a pamphlet and told us she lived in apartment 14.  Onward ever onward to apartment 10.  We looked down at our ward map, and that’s when we realized our reading comprehension had faltered. The apartment we were really looking for was number 14.  We had just talked to the lady we were looking for!  Around the corner we bolted back to apartment 14 where we met this kind lady’s mother.  Yes, her mother was traveling down north to visit her daughter and you will never believe what her mother said to us.  She did not comment on our dashing good-looks... nor our classy Target dress slacks.... but she told us after 15 years of inactivity she was ready to come back.  Seeing us that night confirmed that she needs to come back and she will be at all the lessons we teach her daughters family to see them happily back to activity in the church too.  She lived 45 minutes away... And she happened to be dropping  off some of the grandkids the minute we walked by.  This kind lady living in apartment 14 has 6 kids (all of them over the age of 8 –Yah!)  What a bounteous blessing, indeed the Lord is good to us.  Okay, now let's talk about the exchange I had where I was sold cannabis ( or the attempted selling of cannabis to a stalwart warrior named Elder King).  We went late evening finding / hunting for some of the elect of God and found a wonderful family.  The mother came out to speak with us about her faith in Christ and the conversation was happy.  After 5 minutes she invited us to attend a session of her services which consist of "smoking a joint" and praising Christ via Christian Rock music.  I denied such a gracious invitation, but I was told the spirit is in greater abundance when you are under the influence. I tell you this story for a specific reason! Not to mock this lady!  Not to tear her beliefs down!  As we talked, we promised her the Lord would bless her even greater and she would feel peace & freedom if she stopped smoking cannabis to keep the commandment of the Word of Wisdom.  She agreed that we were probably right.  After we left we counseled about that particular visit.  We wanted to make sure we didn't tear her down and as we counseled the spirit whispered "I'm proud of you two". Sometimes putting others in an awkward and uncomfortable situation is for the greater good.  This week we also had a splits miracle with a member!  We took Bro Porter out from our ward.  He served his mission in Brazil and speaks fluent Portugese.  Our 7 o'clock appointment fell through, which caused us some grief but we figured something better must be in store.  We took him on a journey of door knocking to find some elect to teach.  Three doors into the expedition we knocked on the door of a fella displaying a Brazilian flag in his home ;). Pretty soon we had a return appointment and a burning in the bosom.  Today we are going to have a picnic by a beautiful lake.  We may stare at the lake and wish we could jump in.  We may even day dream of swimming to find the Loch Ness Monster.  We received some very sad news today.  Brother Lambert, who just returned home from serving as a missionary couple in our mission passed away.  Can't believe he is gone.  Sending love to comfort Sister Lambert at this time.  He was a 1 in a million, and he had such an amazing impact on my life.  I'll always remember you Bro. Lambert.

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