Monday, June 20, 2016

Cajun Comedy

Pres. Taylor's farewell feast.

What a good week in the Couve.  I will explain the subject of the email later.  But this week was fantastic and the weather has been cool over here therefore we don't have sweaty forehead as much.  Elder Matthews & I had some pretty cool experiences this week.  5 appointments cancelled, but 5 new investigators we found!  Okay, cool miracle number one could probably be the day when 5 appointments cancelled.  We planned the day of a lifetime. I'm not kidding we had it all lined up to teach all day and have members with us at every lesson.  By 11 o'clock all 5 had cancelled and two of them even said they never wanted to meet with us again. I'll be honest, sometimes I wonder what the heck is going on.... But then the spirit whispered to us "all things have been done in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things". We hit the streets after that WHISPERING. We met with the coolest family.  At least 10 of the relatives of this family joined the LDS church.   They had even met with missionaries before we found them!  They had some problems with the last elders and we specifically did not do any of the things they did not like about the other elders, and before you know it the Lord gave us a wonderful family to work with.  They even said I look like the guy from Princess Bride.  (Okay they didn't say that but I kinda think I do when I have a mustache).  Okay, next miracle / story.  Not really miracle actually but really funny.  I was on exchanges with Elder Munger in the next ward over and we went to visit one of his favorite investigators, Claude.  Claude is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met.  When he first saw me he looked at me up and down... And then said "OHHH BOY YOU NASTY”!  Then he asked me how many wives I had.  I then got the grand tour of his trailer house and learned about all his family from down in Louisiana. He shook my hand a little less than 34 times.  He was Louisiana’s finest in eastern Vancouver.  If we're being honest... I drank a lot of soda yesterday.  It was Father's Day and some wonderful members had us over to a supply of endless diet drinks.  It was a good Father's Day, but not really good to knock on people's doors.  I will tell you of another miracle.  Yesterday we had a lesson with a returning less active member, and every week we choose a conference talk and then the next week he chooses one that we listen to.  He chose one this week that I NEEDED TO HEAR.  You may think most of your mission you will be helping others progress, but by helping others you end up helping yourself.  This talk soothed my very soul similar to aloe vera on a sunburn.  The essence of the talk was "grow up & let things go". You will be happier and feel the spirit and you don't need a complex gospel relayed formula to get over things that make you worry or frustrated.  Like a light switch,  you can simply decide to let things go.  Some things require deeper and more of the atonement, but right now I speak of anxieties, grudges and petty surface blocks.  REMOVE THEM.  The day gets a lot better.  It's what the Savior did.  He forgave.  He was happy.  The church is true.   Have a great week.  I learned how to make pancakes with packets of oatmeal.  Delicious!

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