Monday, June 13, 2016

Basketball and Bowling

Sorry about the lame, short email, but I am just really enjoying basketball today and we went bowling so currently my right fingers are sore from the lumpiness of my fingers not really fitting in any of the balls less than 92,940 pounds. Yeah almost have nothing to do with missionary work or really anything spiritual.  A family made us Wingers wings as a special treat and another family had a Star Wars sign and named their kids Luke & Leia.  Almost as cool as Strider.  That is what I will name my firstborn in the wilderness.  I will tell you one miracle!!! We were having a day when all our lessons cancelled and we really didn't know what to do... So naturally we prayed!! We went working and following our promptings and nothing happened... No luck.  We went to two more doors... No luck.   We saw a lady walking right around the corner and ran over to catch her just before she went inside and she said she wasn't interested and happy in her faith.  We felt just to ask her "what makes you happy?" & then "if you could ask God any question what would you ask him?"  Pretty soon we had a new investigator!  Really cool and after that we had some energizer bunny in our bones.

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