Monday, June 1, 2015

It Was A Week To Remember

A beautiful day at the Portland Temple.

Another excellent week in Battleground, WA.  As I attempt to recollect my thoughts, my head begins to explode.  It was a week to remember.  First it began with a memorial day BBQ with many beef items & kegs of Tiki Punch.  This was followed by competitive rounds of two-hand-touch football, soccer (which I refused to participate) and ultimate frisbee.  The next great event would have to be putting another on date for baptism!  Jennifer’s young son, Maher wants to be baptized on the same day as his mom.  OH MAN.  WHO RIGGED THIS MISSION?  Because I don't exactly know who paid the big man upstairs to have these amazing folks sent my way. We went to meet a man by the name of John Rambousek, whom is approximately 92 years old and told us the tale of the grizzly bear wrestling the bison about 3 times... The last time he substituted the bear for a gorilla.  We let it slide.  OKAY… I CAN’T HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER...  We had another baptism this Saturday! Keilyr Backus entered into the straight and narrow gateway to heaven on May 30th, 2014. And right before the baptism we were privileged to hear from Brent H Nelson of the 70!  He came and gave us a 2 hour discussion and lesson on the Atonement.  That man is amazing and I know without a doubt he is called of God.  We were able to go to the Portland Temple just a day before as well.  So within two days, we went to the temple, heard from a member of the 70 & had a baptism.  I love being a missionary.  I love the gospel.  I know it is true & my message to you all this week is if you know it is true... THEN ACT UPON THAT BELIEF.  2 Nephi 2:27 states very clearly it is our choice to choose eternal life.  Start today & act upon what you believe. That’s when the miracles happen.
Keilyr's Baptism on May 30, 2015

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