Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What a Grand Week Indeed!

Happy Birthday Dad!

What a grand week indeed.  I keep saying that about every week, sorry about that... Not much time to email this week but I will do my best to address the events and happenings of the week.  Joel and Jennifer did indeed get married and it was quite the event.  Jennifer’s mother was unable to leave her home due to anxiety issues.  Jennifer wanted no wedding without her mother attending... SO,  our great bishop was thinking on the spot and called Jennifer’s mother to see if we could host the wedding at her trailer... & yes she did indeed approve and there was only standing room for 20.  20 people shipped up and headed down to Vancouver for the wedding and the baby blessing.  What a glorious wedding it was in the trailer.  NONETHELESS they are wedded & ready to be baptized.  Another one of Jennifer’s childlings wants to be baptized as well!  All week long & last week I have been forced to grow more than I ever have.  I am really thankful for all the learning experiences.  Let me give you one example... My Dad used to tell me the tale of three men getting chased by a lion.  1 sat and prayed for the lion to stop and he got eaten, the other one started running and got eaten.  The last prayed while he was running and he got away.  I was the one praying and waiting for the lion until just recently when I remembered my Dad telling me that analogy & also reading 2 Nephi 2:27.  Gotta choose to act.  We did act this week and we knocked on many doors and a few of which when we knocked they thought we were the Comcast cable guys coming to hook them up with some sweet channels for a cheap price.  Little did they know we could have shown them many videos of Christ and Joseph Smith.  As they shut the door in our face.  **Happy B DAY to my pops. ** If anyone of you see my Dad tell him that Apple phones are better than Droid and make sure to get him a new pair of glasses/wallet/cell phone because he most likely will jump off the Flaming Gorge cliffs into the reservoir with them all in his pocket and need new ones.  We have a new investigator ready to be baptized!  His name is Matt Bahr and he likes the Oakland Raiders... so, he needs a little joy in his life that comes from the gospel.  He is on date for baptism on the 11th of July, 4 days prior to my birthday and I told him that he better come through or he is going to ruin my b day.

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