Monday, June 15, 2015

Feeling the Love From a Few States Away

Elder King enjoying his Strawberry Days package from home

Sorry no big email but this picture makes up for a thousand words.  Thanks for the Strawberry Days package mom and dad. Thanks for the letter Alyssa.  Love you all in vast plethoras and amounts. I’m feeling the love a few states away.  I am so jealous it is Strawberry Days & all the carnival rats have revealed themselves in our town again.  But I feel like it is a continual carnival where I am currently.  Brother Woodley from the ward sent me a package and the Coates did too.  Tell them thank you for me! The current mission transfer is almost over! Next Wednesday we will be transferring and everyone keeps telling me I will be training a new missionary.  I can’t wait.  I’M GONNA SHOW HIM ALL THE BEST TECHNIQUES OF MISSIONARY WORK.  HE WILL BE THE NEXT PROPHET when he is done with me.  I will probably be staying here to train so I can do it more effectively.  I can’t wait.  I have so many ideas that I want to try to help members be more involved and such.  I will carry a whip with me all day if that little greenie ever mouths off (LOL).  Quick update on the ward... Matt came to church and he is so ready to be baptized.  He told us about how the Lord has prepared him for this message... It was like he was placed on a platter right before us.  Jennifer and Joel are a MESS.  She is stressing out and can’t make it to church, but thinks she can just be baptized without showing any real commitment.  Joel just barely got a job for the first time and they have 5 kids at the house...  Jennifer thinks that every incident is A HUGE DEAL.  This week has been an eye opener!  I have just lost a little motivation to go out and do the work... so that quote my parents sent me this week is pretty inspired! It was about enduring and embracing the time and that it will make you stronger in the end.  I forget sometimes that it is HARD work.  I can't wait to hear more about the construction project going on at home to finish the basement apartment.  Have you had a chance to have the Elders over for dinner or anything? You guys should show the elders some love to make up for all of the wonderful people here who are feeding me and taking good care of me.  I love you all!

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