Monday, June 22, 2015

SOME BIG NEWS.... Elder King is about to be put to the test

Elders at the 1st Ward's first ward activity

What a good week it has been.   It has been one of the best weeks of my whole mission.  I’M SURE YOU'RE WONDERING WHY... well, let me tell you.  First, my Grandma sent me a dress up bigfoot cardboard cutout.   Second, the hay fever is reducing and I am not looking like a balloon-face  anymore.  Lastly, the spiritual miracles this week can barely be numbered. We have been in close contact with the Pickering family to help them stay on track for baptism and the adversary is hitting them at almost every angle... So, what did we do?  Well, we gave them a massive stash of our candy that family, friends and others have sent us over time.  We also gave Joel a blessing and I can honestly say I have only felt the Spirit stronger a few times in all of my life.  He almost seems like a completely different person now teaching his kids and volunteering for every church activity possible.  We had a ward social on Friday!  We played kickball & I am close to the worst kickball player in all of the land.  I fell over trying to catch a fly ball in front of the whole ward.  I’m assuming they realized there was butter below my feet,  and I’m sure they saw the slip n slide below me as well.  They had to. But it was really fun. Bishop Taylor played Simon Says with the whole ward.  Sounds lame? But this guy is one of the best Simon Says leaders you have ever seen.  Elder Firkins was out within 10 seconds.  A young man by the name of Smith Breaux just came home from his mission in the Battle Ground 1st ward.  We were almost in the exact same situation I was in about a year and a half ago.  The spirit told me so strongly that I needed to share with him my experiences .   THE BIG NEWS… I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED  to a new area & I am TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY.   There’s the big news.   Training and moving to the Vancouver East Stake.  I’m a little nervous.   Hopefully this upcoming youngling wants to learn the real ways of missionary work.  Love you all! It was a good week.  The church is true.  The holy ghost tells me it is true so very often.  That is my message to you!  You can always know of spiritual truths... but you have to ask.   Just like you have to ask for a super size at Mcdonalds.  You just  gotta ask.

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