Monday, May 4, 2015

Another Great Week of Miracles in the Swamp

1) FIRST MIRACLE!  Driving down the road to an appointment (Elder Firkins making me car sick as usual) and a lady is waving her arm on the side of the road... We turn around and attempt to console her and apparently her car broke down and her son was walking down the road trying to get in touch with someone to get her gas.  We gave her our cell phone and she called a family member and we then figured out that I called her on accident two weeks ago!  She had been thinking about us since we called on accident and said that "God must have sent us" and wants to hear more about what we believe. NEAT!?

2) NEXT MIRACLE!  We texted a young lad who goes by the name of Kielyr Backus whom we found lingering in the area book from long ago... He was dropped due to lack of interest but I thought WHAT THE HECK let’s just shoot him a text.  So we did, and met with him and apparently he is really excited and wants to get baptized!!!   HE IS on date for May 30th.

3)  NEXT MIRACLE!  I found the lipstick tube of Kissin Kate Barlow, but accidentally thought it was Keith Barringer from my math class.  I actually got to drive this week and felt a little less like a greenie.  I will also get to drive again in the next couple days.  Today we went to the mall and I wasn't quite sure how to act in the midst of civilization...

It’s been a great week and I see the Lord’s hand more and more every day.  If we follow the commandments and do his will, the miracles follow.  God blesses us for our efforts.  I love being a missionary and I am grateful that I have this opportunity.  Don't miss a chance to be a member missionary if you get one!!
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