Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Week of Magical, Spiritually Uplifting Experiences

The zone playing basketball on p-day

This has been my first week overseeing two wards and the workload was rather large and hard to comprehend at first.  Similar to eating at a delicious buffet.  But, after a lengthy planning session me & Elder Firkins were able to create a sufficient plan for the rest of the week!

The Lord really has been so good to me as this week came and went.  I knew it was going to be specifically hard for a greenie to figure out missionary life this week and it seemed a lot to handle.  Well, I decided to do the only thing that could really help me in this situation... I got on my knees a few more times and I prayed a little more sincerely.

As the week unfolded, I saw the Lord’s hand overseeing all of our work. One night we went searching for 4 investigators to meet from the new ward.  We ended up with 4 wrong addresses and ended up talking to a crazed old lady who sang piano swing music back in the 60's instead.  She told us the Restoration pamphlet was BS!  We went on for our 5th attempt at finding an investigator and ended up on the wrong road again... at this point I am really wondering what Heavenly Father needed to teach us.  We got out of the car and felt we should just knock the rest of the road.  6 or so homes later, we find Janelle.  She had met with missionaries before and was very interested in having us come back.  Literally @ 8:50 p.m. and the very last house of the day.  Seriously Heavenly Father?!  I know I need to trust in his work more.  I know this is the Lord’s work and he will make things happen.  When you can't find the Lord in your life... is probably the times he is most involved!

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