Monday, May 11, 2015


Yes it has been another great week in the land of BATTLEGROUND WA. The work is progressing more than I ever thought possible.  The Lord just opens doors, wardrobes and chambers of secrets left and right. On a serious note, we did more service for the man Randy Weber who is going to start a new church down sometime in the future.  He had us sand some kitchen cabinets.  This week we were also able to teach the man Joe Mackey and read the BOM with him in his man cave garage hangout chill spot.  Joe loved the BOM reading time and he asked us a few questions that we just had no
idea how to answer... so hopefully he doesn't think we are foolish missionaries. While tracting I noticed a lady had a wonderful wizard/gandalf statue in front of her door.  We knocked and she opened only to say " I have my own religion and i'm in my robes so i'm not interested"  Well, I was so moved by the spirit to tell her that I love her wizard statues and I would like to buy one... and apparently it worked because she said come back next week and we can talk about the statues and I can show you more... BINGO. Went on exchanges again this week and got behind the wheel of the Chevy Cruze with MO-TAB & the A/C chillen on high.  Took the new Elder to teach Kielyr and do service for Sister Keene. Sister Keene is a wonderful woman and soon will be hearing about the Plan of Salvation. Apparently I am over two wards now as well and they just changed ward boundaries so I picked up half of another ward.
BUSY BUSY BUSY.   Good thing the atonement is a real, actual thing that happened and through Jesus Christ I can endure all things, because He endured all things.  I am grateful to be a missionary and the miracles continue to happen.  Even if my writings and emails don't exactly sound peachy keen spiritual messages I promise and testify that this is the Lords work.  Joseph Smith was a real prophet and Heavenly Father loved us so much that He called Joseph so show us what we can do to return to live with him.  He gave us the BOOK OF MORMON as well. No book contains more truth.  Besides Lord Of The Rings.  I love you all!   If you have any doubts about the things I testify of just go ask Heavenly Father and find out for yourself whats true and what is not.

Also, got to skype home this mothers day and I just have to say I have the BEST family you could ever ask for.  Especially my mom, nobody has taught me more in life and nobody has been more loving while doing it. Nobody makes better magic cookie bars and certainly nobody makes better cream of wheat on a Sunday morning.  I love you Mom!! I LOVE YOU ALL
1) I love my family
2) the beauty of the world
3) my companion hates my new pineapple hat

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