Monday, April 27, 2015

A Week of Service in the Swamp

We did a whole lot of service this week and it consisted of fence-ripping-down-ing, pile-of-wood-burning and the pulling of weeds. The service we have been able to provide is opening doors for people to hear the gospel. The first service project we did for a lovely lady named Sister Keene. She is living all alone in the middle of Shreks very own swamp. She loves keeping her yard and home orderly (which is difficult due to the vast amounts of precipitation) So, we were able to help her prune raspberry bushes and move many boxes within her abode. She claimed "god must have sent you young men to my house" and the great news Sister Keene.... IS THAT HE DID! We are continuing service with her and if the Lord wants her to be ready and open to the gospel, we will be ready! The next project we did was for the Behm family. Roger Behm is one of my most favorite beings to ever walk the earth. He has had something like 3 heart surgeries and he served in the Navy during the Korean War. He has a collection of airplanes hanging in his front room and was rather excited to show and tell me all about them. I was just as excited and asked him way too many questions. After we were done doing service for him he said "you boys better come back and visit me often, I love the feeling I get when you're around and you make me feel happy. You're terrific young men" another door seems to be opening as well! After that we gave service for the Weber family. They are getting the home ready to sell and needed help ripping down a fence. Heather (the mother of the family) goes to school and takes care of 5 kids. Randall (the father) was on vacation this week and the new fencing man was coming the next day. So, they prayed all night trying to find someone to help them and we decided to randomly text Mr.Weber and see if he needed any help. He was quite excited to have our help and Heather said "God sent you boys to help us today" Although they are members of another church, I hope their hearts are softened and they become open to the message we share. The last service we did was for Sister Orthmann she is a nice member of the church we tracted into the other day.... yikes. But, God doesn't do random... She needed our help on a service project! And we were able to burn a large pile of lumber for her. Her k9 wouldn't stop barking and I attempted to impale the dog with the pitchfork I was wielding. Luckily, I missed. Never let your negative emotions towards puppies get the best of you. It isn't good for the church PR.

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