Monday, April 20, 2015

Miracles Happening Everyday. I Love Being a Missionary!

Vancouver North missionaries hiking to the falls.
It is yet again another marvelous marvelous Monday out in Battleground WA.  I think there actually was a "battle" out here at some point and I assume it was between the Voodoo witch doctors and the moss growing on the trees.  The land round about seems battered with voodoo weaponry and moss growing even on the automobiles.  Nonetheless, I really love being here.  I truly feel The Saviors love for each and every person I meet here. (except the dogs, they always bark and ruin my door approach.)  It has been one of my favorite weeks yet.  Earlier in the week we had Zone conference, which is basically a few small trainings and then we get to hear from the mission presidency.  I don't think I have properly expressed how awesome President and Sister Taylor are.  The whole mission runs off "trust &
respect". President Taylor is one of the greatest individuals I have ever met.  He is down to earth, super smart and a great leader.
He makes you respect him from the moment you meet him and I can vouch for all of us when I say, "I would never want to lose his trust".  I tried to soak in all the pure light and knowledge during zone conference, but I began to be "fried with the spirit".  Oka,y I KNOW I'M TURNING INTO A WEIRD MISSIONARY WITH MISSIONARY HUMOR SO BEAR WITH ME.  Miracles happening every day! I love being a missionary.  If you ever get the chance to share the gospel... don't miss the chance! It does
not matter what abilities you have... it does not matter who you are or how much you know about the gospel.  If you open your mouth and give it a chance, your mouth will be filled with exactly what to say in the very moment (you can find that promise in D&C).  It does not really even matter what you say... remember this is the Lord's work. We are servants and vessels.  He will direct his own work, all we can do is our best.  He knows what we are capable of :)  Never be afraid.  I promise you and I testify to you, this is the swampiest part of WA, and I also testify that being a missionary is the best thing I have ever been so honored to be a part of.  And you can be a part of it too.

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