Monday, April 6, 2015

First Week in Washington

Strange voodoo in the sticks
The Swampland!

 Hello all,  this is Elder King reporting live from the set of swamp people:  Anyway it's been a great week! I got chased by a drunk man on a 4 wheeler. Found voodoo magic on that post stump and a lady answered the door with a knife and told us to join another church because we are children of the devil in the Mormon religion! It rains 24/7 which is fun honestly I really like it because church clothes are rather warm and I like feel like I am covered in perspiration.  We have had many miracles already and I have been humbled quite a bit!  I am definitely not in Utah or the MTC anymore. But the members here are so awesome. They supply almost all of our food and we stay at a members house. We also have dinner at a members house every night.

My blonde fluffy hair soaks up the water like a sponge and I often look like I ran a 5K everywhere I go.  We talked to a preachers son for about 20 minutes and he tried to tell us our church was wrong the whole time and we left. He then followed us back outside for whatever reason (THE LORD SENT HIM BACK OUT) and we eventually gave him a Book of Mormon and he said if it was God's will for him to join the church he would do it.

Yesterday was ROUGH. we knocked for 3 hours and didn't find one person. Earlier in the morning I prayed to find humility and I think I have found the X on the map of humility.  We talked to a man who said he was a Lutheran and asked him what he believed and he casually replied "we believe that Mormons aren't a real religion" and had no actual belief about God or Jesus Christ.

We encountered a hippie and he told us he was endowed with godly power from a man he met in South America. Nice fella, but I think the back woods living is getting to him a little.  My companion is so awesome he has only been out 4 months and his name is Elder Firkins.  But the spirit literally guides us where to go. We have stopped at countless houses where we just knew we had to. A man named Dan said he has been looking for a church for a long time and that is why he moved up here to spend more family time and when we told him about eternal families he was overwhelmed and started to cry. He is going to be baptized soon but unfortunately we were tracting in the wrong area...So we had to refer him to the other elders.

 Love you all and happy Easter hope you ate tons of Cadbury eggs because I have been drinking diet Pepsi and eating Easter candy every spare moment I get.

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