Monday, January 30, 2017

Greatest Week of My Whole Life

Austin's baptism January 28, 2017.

I don't think you are ready for what is about to happen.  One of the most spiritual weeks of my mission!  We don't even know how to talk and explain the goodness of the week.  I almost cried a few times and this just doesn't always happen.  My eyes never leak because I drink so much protein and eat so many raw eggs + iron pieces of dumb bells.  The last time I cried was because the bear I killed and skinned with my bare hands ate onions a week earlier and the smell got to me.  So, we went with Austin Reid into the waters of baptism this week.  The day before his baptism we went to the temple visitors center with 4 of his non-member friends.  When it is 40 degrees outside you can still be FLAMING inside due to the spirit in your very innards.  The baptism put the crown on the king, the top to the Pepsi bottle, the pair of flashy shoes with the blue suit, the super bowl ring on Tom Brady's finger. Let me tell you how this happened:  We set a goal of how many people we would like to bring to the joy of Jesus Christ together as companions.  As part of the goal we decided to GIVE up a few things.  We decided to CHANGE a few things.  Within these few weeks, Austin moved in with members of our ward and received an answer that the gospel is true.  All of the miracles happened from God himself.  At his baptism 4 or 5 investigators showed up.  One of which decided she would like to be baptized the following month.  Prior to the baptism she wanted to wait 6 months.  After being baptized Austin stood up to share his testimony with family and friends.  Within a few minutes everyone dropped water works from the pupils.  Brownies were served after.  A few people committed to taking the missionary lessons & it was the greatest day of my life. Austin smiled like you wouldn't believe.  He received the priesthood, got confirmed, and got a calling on that Sunday.  If that was not enough, during the same day I received an email from a family I taught in Fisher’s Landing.  It said, "Wanted to share the good news with you". This family I worked with had set a goal towards attending the temple. Let me give you the journey of finding this family.  We knocked on the door... and they invited us in to have a dinner.  We realized they struggle coming to church because they work on Sunday.  We figured the ward would follow up... a little later down the road we decided to go back and teach again. They wanted the missionary lessons!  We began teaching and for 5 months we worked to get them back to the church.  When I left a few months ago, Brother Spradlin was attending regularly.  The email I got this week showed a picture of both Sister & Brother Spradlin standing in front of the temple and the caption said, "We made it!"  Brother Spradlin will receive this email and I hope he knows I love the heck out of him.  It's people like the Spradlin’s that
show you the atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  The changes they make and the feelings you feel show you this is real.  You meet people you want to pattern your life like.  The church is true. No words can  explain!  Just come on a mission and feel what I am feeling! P day starts at 8 AM now.  Life is good.  Life is great. 

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