Monday, January 2, 2017

I'm Shredded

P-Day Fun in the Vancouver District.

Been a good week New Year’s was great.  We found a couple new investigators, new miracles, new scripture reading, New Year's Eve planning, New Year’s, new year new me, New Years, new born baby (kidding didn't have one of those), and new stuff for Christmas.  I'll send a few miracles off to you as long as you promise to really read this email. You also have to promise me you will send me a handwritten letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.  Please do that I would like to feel accepted to such a prestigious university. (It's been on my mind because everyone keeps talking about that new movie). Okay here is what else has been on my mind:  #1 it's cold.  It's really windy.  It's a little rainy.  Sometimes you need extra vitamin D (hopefully that's the one pertaining to the sun).  We decided to have a great day when we woke up Saturday morning.  After gorging on some pancakes, eggs, & hanging with the zone at a zone breakfast we went out on the town.  The night before Elder Pabst said, "Let’s visit Beth". I said, "Yeah, let's visit Beth!  We were supposed to visit Beth months ago... whoops".   After the breakfast we went to Beth's home & Elder Pabst said, "Beth doesn't live here". I said, "What you talking about boy?  This is where she lives". He said, "Oh, then I meant we should visit Claudeen, not Beth!"  We decided to visit Beth anyway!   After we knocked, a kind young lady opened the door and told us Beth is her mom and that Beth moved out a month ago.  NOT TO WORRY!  We just started teaching Beth's daughter and she said, "I was talking last night about finding a local church to attend.  Does your church offer programs for the children?"  YESIREE!!!  This young lady actually just moved here from Oklahoma and needs to find a church.  How lucky for her :).  #2 Let's talk about a special occurrence.  This is small, unless you're us.  Then it's a big miracle.  A set of sister missionaries called us with a question (I don't remember what they even asked) and we answered the question.  Then they said, "Is there anything we can do for you two elders?"  We said "HOLD ON" ... we pondered for a quick moment and decided we wanted them to reach out to some of the other sister missionaries in the area and put a smile on a companionship’s face.  They reported back that night to tell us that it worked!  They called the other sister missionaries and most definitely made their day.  This certain companionship was having a super rough day and actually needed some outreach.  Small thing... but goes a long way.  Kind of like a hair of an Elven warrior.  #3 We went down to the temple with some of the people we were teaching.  We asked a returning less active member to drive us down.  When we arrived at the temple for a special tour from the sister missionaries and a little temple gazing / pondering action the feelings were good!  Everyone was happy!  The tour was great, but mostly the people we brought decided to take a bunch of pictures instead of pay attention to what the sister missionaries had to say.  Honestly it was kind of funny, but the less active returning member who drove us all down, looked over at us & said, "This is the closest to heaven I have ever been".  He thanked us later that night and we knew he was the reason we came to the temple this night.  We had asked 6 other people to drive us before calling this certain member.  He then texted us today saying, "Please prepare a very special lesson for Wednesday when you to teach me, because I am bringing a friend who needs the gospel".  I want to say it's a good day.  It's a good day because I decided this morning it would be a good day.  Vancouver is great,  the work is good, the baptism we were hoping for did not happen this weekend but it will happen.  The church is true.  I am about to get a haircut... wish me luck.

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