Monday, January 9, 2017


Ice skating with the zone!

It was pretty dang cold this week and really fun at the same time.  Snow / hailed / rained / iced for a couple days a few sweet miracles and I think I got some good pictures to send home this week.  Got a
little sick.  Had to stay down for a day and sip the chicken noodle soup + Powerade for a day.  Seems like the local Vancouver fiber got the best of me.  I just want to say I think I lost a few lbs. this week which is okay with me.  Cool miracle:  Our investigator prayed about a baptismal date... and even if he should be baptized and he was not finding answers.... until just this last week.   He committed to be baptized and told the Lord he would be baptized if something happened.  I guess he wanted a sign, such as a loved one... was about to die....then he thought.... NO!   I don't want that kind of sign.   Moments later... one of his loved ones was honestly in peril of death.  He said that’s when knew it was true!  He knew God wanted him to do this!  Baptism date:  Jan 28th!!  Save the date!  Pics of the week:   we went ice skating this morning.  I’m keeping busy.  Church is true.

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